Kathy Griffin's Memoir Readers Already Knew Andre Agassi Was a Tennis-Hating Pill

Andre Agassi, the onetime Wimbledon champ and $100-million Nike contract scion, hawked his new "explosive" (meth) memoir on The Late Show with David Letterman. As is de rigeur with selling a tell-all, the semi-somber tennis legend made big claims about himself: He never liked tennis and preferred golf and baseball; he didn't want to be a part of his marriage; his furry-porn fox haircut from an early '90s tennis match was a wig. Now, Agassi may have backed up some of these claims, but more importantly, he validated judgments made by another big-name memoirist of the past few months -- Kathy Griffin.

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In her recent autobiography Official Book Club Selection, Kathy Griffin spoke candidly about Agassi, as his ex-wife Brooke Shields co-starred with her on the '90s sitcom Suddenly Susan. Griffin's remarks back up his story but also shed light on the unnerving somberness that pervades the Letterman visit.

...It was like Brooke had to dumb herself down for him. I want to give him his due about his tennis talent, but as far as personality goes, he was pretty humorless and kind of a pill."

...I remember a conversation Andre and I had when he said he didn't enjoy tennis anymore. Instead, he was golfing obsessively. "If it was up to me, I would just golf all the time," he said. I thought, Well, you're not that good at it apparently. There's a thing called a racquet you might want to pick up. You seem to be good with it... For a guy in his midtwenties, he seemed a little young to be bored with it all.

Pretty soon all personal judgments will be cross-referenced through celebrity memoirs. Personally, I wasn't sure I was right about Chris Kattan until Tracy Morgan gave me the go-ahead.