The Two Minute Verdict: Carell And Fey Schedule A Date Night

"These are the Fosters."

The Fosters, you see, are two of primetime situation comedy's most beloved personalities, NBC's critically adored Thursday night schedule anchors, Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, entertainment forces so potent that not even Jay Leno's black hole of desperate joylessness has yet sucked them, kicking and screaming, into his modestly budgeted 10 p.m. abyss.

And while it's probably unfair to think of this as a vehicle whereby Michael Scott and Liz Lemon finally fulfill the slash-fic potential we've never even dared dream about, even in the naughtiest, most shameful fantasies we succumb to to combat the creeping despair brought on by the thought of Carell zooming through a hail of ping-pong balls in a Green Car Challenge that one time, well, we can't help it, our mind wants to go to there. And this slash-fic begins exactly as it must: with Fey, wearing a ratty t-shirt and her signature glasses to bed, slurping on a retainer, offering to get herself into the fooling-around headspace necessary to fulfill what we assume is some pre-scheduled marital nookie.

"This is their life."

Yeah, there's a cute kid jumping on the bed. The set-up of the set-up is complete: We're fully in their world, where they forget it's Sex Night because their hyper, but adorable, son saps their energy with pile-drivers and ripped-off Breathe-Right strips and all sorts of typical, this-if-our-life-now shenanigans.

"This is the night." "They'll never forget."


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  • metroville says:

    The trailer excited me so that I IMDb'd the title...whereupon I discovered that the film's director was one Shawn Levy.
    Excitement curbed.

  • The Winchester says:

    The sure-fire direction of a true craftsman like Levy instantly turns "Date Night" into 2010's Avatar!

  • Quirky- says:

    Oh me oh my, that was beyond awful. All four of them deserve better than this.
    Alternative casting of Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaaauauaughey, Seth Rogen and Rachel McAdams would've been better casting. Scratch that, McAdams deserves better than that.

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