Nikki Reed Talks Twilight, Jimmy Choo, and her 'One-Dimensional' Character


Screenwriting prodigy-turned-attractive vampire Nikki Reed appeared at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards on Sunday not just to herald Susan MacLeod for her visual effects work, but to gab a bit with Movieline about the upcoming Twilight: New Moon and next year's Twilight: Eclipse. The 21-year-old who once co-wrote Thirteen (using her own scary teen experiences as source material) believes her Twilight role Rosalie Hale will receive necessary color in the coming installments -- some of it even more gruesome than Thirteen's drug-addled fist-fights. Clip after the jump.

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That "coldness" owes itself to a lot more horrifying stuff than the chill of immortality. Shivers, indeed. Still, a 1930s segment could be entertaining, particularly if that screwball Kristen Stewart dons the bowler and plays the part that scorned Cullenhead messageboarders adore calling her: The Little Tramp.