The Definitive Beer Pong Rules, By January Jones


Last month, a GQ profile painted January Jones as the anti-Betty Draper: an All-American girl who noshes on T.G.I. Friday's queso dip, slams six beers and then shares a little too much during transcontinental flights. And last night, the lovely Mad Men actress further cemented her heartland fan base by deriding Jimmy Fallon's Late Night version of beer pong, telling us just how she parties.

From Jones' criticisms during her interactive Late Night segment, we culled a few important guidelines that any fan should know before inviting the Mad Men vixen to your Sigma mixer.

1. The ball must be bounced before landing in a beer cup. ("If you throw a ball in a cup, that's not beer pong.")

2. Two players per team. ("There's a setter and a server and it's actually a game.")

3. Fill your cups up to the very top with beer (preferably Bud Light), otherwise Jones will ridicule you.

4. No pity second throws ("That's not how I play.")

5. Do not reveal that Ivanka Trump has beaten you. Jones will not be impressed...even if she ends up losing.