Hank Yanked


The writing has been on the wall for Hank's mid-season demise ever since the universally-panned Kelsey Grammer vehicle was predicted as ABC's first cancellation. ABC has no plans to air the five remaining episodes, instead scheduling repeats and holiday specials in Hank's time slot. The network announced earlier this week that they are not ordering more episodes of Hank's fellow Wednesday night series, Eastwick. [Hollywood Reporter]


  • stretch65 says:

    Just stay home with your family, f--- your trophey wife and recount your millions
    BYE BYE NOW!!!

  • stolidog says:

    It's a shame that all the uber-conservative hollywood players thought that the Bush administration would last forever and that it was safe to come out and declare themselves. Well, we know who you are now and there'll be no more syndication deals for you. See ya!