50,000,000 Franco Fans Can't Be Wrong


· Here it is! Your first glimpses of James Franco on General Hospital. They kind of bury the lede, but he's there all right. What do you mean "you like it here in Port Charles," Franco? I don't trust you as far as I could throw you. (Which is pretty far, actually, so forget about it. We cool.) Tomorrow: An exclusive Movieline interview with Carter, the artist who put him up to all this.

· Here's the four promos for January Jones's upcoming stint hosting SNL. She's paired with Fred Armisen, who true Mad Men fans will know is married to series star, Bryan Batt!

· Let's put it this way: If you were an animated movie in 2009, and you didn't make it onto the Oscar submission list -- your name better be Delgo II: Return to Jhamora.

· The woman who found the discarded New Moon script in a St. Louis airport garbage bin where Up in the Air just happened to be shooting (Anna Kendrick, the common thread, denies it was her) was invited to the L.A. premiere for being a good samaritan and returning the pages to Summit. Travel and lodging was her own expense, however, and she tells TMZ it's costing her over $1,200. Big deal, lady! There's Craigslist ads offering four months of indentured sex-slave-itude for a pair of those babies! (I should know. I posted it.)

· Nicolas Cage was stalked by a mime. In the street performer's defense, Cage had unwittingly purchased him in yet another extravagant, typo-accursed business transaction where he thought he was getting a Bulgarian salt mine.


  • marin79 says:

    Pls tell me this Carter interview puts to rest this whole "Why is James Franco doing General Hospital?" question for good?! I was at the New Yorker Festival when Franco directly said that the whole GH thing was part of his next art piece with Carter. Yet everywhere I see that question. (Franco also said that he thought it would be fun & I'm sure in part figured he'd learn something from the intense shooting schedule).

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