What's On: Cheaper By the Dozen


If Jon and Kate won't play ball, TLC can always scrounge up a few Wife Swap rejects for a new reality series, just as they did with the Hayes family. We all know there are only two ways that the network's new series, Table for 12, will end. The multiples of the Hayes family record a few top 40s hits and open a theater in Branson or they watch as their parents' marriage falls into acrimonious disrepair, their mom adopts a hairstyle that looks like a pile of sticks and their dad starts draping himself in Ed Hardy printed tees.

Table for 12 [8 PM, TLC]

TLC's latest Great White Hope is the Hayes family, a New Jersey unit comprised of a cop father, stay-at-home mom, two sets of twins and sextuplets. In tonight's new episode, the clan goes backyard camping, an activity the Gosselins enjoyed pre-split. The Hayes are still coasting through their first season, so savor their unpolished appearances and stress-induced meltdowns before season two's expenses-paid vacations, extra babysitters and sponsored field trips.

In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts: Bright Lights, Big Stars, All Access Nashville [10 PM, ABC]

Letterman featured all country music acts last week, Taylor Swift hosted and performed on this weekend's Saturday Night Live and tonight, country music continues to assume dominance over all other musical genres with a prime time ABC special. Within the hour, Robin Roberts will interview Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Roseanne Cash, Vince Gill and Loretta Lynn.

Styl'd [11 PM, MTV]

If you're craving some fashion stylist drama in The Rachel Zoe Project's off-season, look no farther than MTV's new stylist competition faux-ality experiment. Following new episodes of The Hills and The City, five junior assistants compete for a styling contract and representation by the Margaret Maldonado Agency. While the show reveals equal amounts demeaning errands and freak-outs, it is missing the Rachel-Brad-Taylor triangle of passive aggressive jealousy and "I die" utterances. New episodes air on Sunday.


Knocked Up [8:30 PM, E!]

Much has been made of the physical attractiveness disparity between Judd Apatow's schlubby male heroes and the women who sort of love them, but less attention has been paid to the generally pleasing qualities of the second couples in his films. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann make a handsome pair, and even though they're marital squabbles don't create much of a B plot, at least we aren't questioning Leslie's choice in mate.