Presto Disappearo!


Cast and crew of ABC's heavily diluted Witches of Eastwick retread, Eastwick, have just learned that the network will not order more episodes than the original 13 -- meaning we'll soon be bidding a fond adieu to the series most likely pitched as Supernatural Housewives. Sadly, with it goes Paul Gross -- aka Constable Benton Fraser from Due South -- who seems to be rapidly morphing into his generation's Alan Thicke. Also axed by the network: Let's Dance, the Kathy Griffin-hosted reality show in which celebrities re-enact famous dance sequences from the movies. Apparently casting was a major hurdle, as the big top-hat number from A Chorus Line requires more than the severely limited number of Kardashians currently available. On a cheerier note, Christian Slater procedural The Forgotten (no cracks, please) stays with us, for another five episodes at least. [The Feed]