Lopez Tonight Ratings Ripple Late-Night White-Guy Status Quo


Thanks to a cross-network premiere on TBS, TNT, and TruTV, comedian George Lopez's new talk show Lopez Tonight might be more watched in key demos (1 million viewers in the sacred 18-49 range on TBS alone) than The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Add up the pull of all three networks, and that number beats the regular key-demo viewership for Conan O'Brien and David Letterman. You're checking the roof for vultures, right? Frankly, this debut ratings spike for Lopez could be worse news. Clip of Lopez interviewing Kobe Bryant, as well as placating analysis, after the jump.

First of all, I like when network cherubs like George Lopez swear out loud and don't seem apologetic about it. Look, now Kobe's swearing! Everything's going great here -- minus Lopez's oddly schmaltzy question, "Do you know how loved you are in L.A.?" George, "the biggest trash-talker in the NBA" may have a clue.

If you're part of the klatch that thinks Lopez's unassuming, pandering humor doesn't measure up to Conan or Dave's high-brow lowbrow, it's safe to say Lopez Tonight's's stellar marks won't last. Debut ratings for talk shows featuring familiar faces never hold up, and soon their novelty whittles into a Jimmy Fallon-level complacency. Plus, George Lopez isn't exactly worth protesting, what with his pseudo-original brand of self-deprecation and personable harmlessness -- and if you haven't been keeping track, there are other comedians whose success everyone should resent. Go on, guess.

Lopez Tonight Scores Strong Debut for TBS [THR]


  • Larcon321 says:

    I think that George Lopez is offensive and berating of African Americans, his remarks are slipped in during his comic dialog but anyone can tell where his comments are directed.
    I understand that comedy is not to be taken personally but his cannot be taken any other way. George constantly lifts his people up (Spanish Americans) but beat African Americans down with constant insults and racial slurs which is unacceptable.
    Living in a country that is having so many problems abroad I don't feel that we should suffer separation on our home turf. It is amazing to me how people fight to be second in line or should I say second class citizens.
    I refuse to learn a second language to live in a English speaking society.

  • Proud Latino says:

    It seems that whenever change happens, such as in Late Night Talk Shows (a format that has been on the air since before Johnny Carson) Anglo-Americans are scared. They fear Latinos because they do not understand their culture, their traditions, their language and most of all their sense of humor. Talk shows like "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night" are boring and stale with low ratings. These guys have had free reign of the airwaves for years and now a Latino comes along with "some spice & flare" and they fear him. Afraid that he will steal all the ratings (which he is) and their sponsors (which he will). Latinos are the largest movie-going audience in the country and soon will be the majority of the population. So look out: "It's time for a change, Pinche Gringos" "This is a taste of the future in this country!" "Latinos – Please keep watching the show and the ratings will continue to go up”.

  • Johny says:

    George not only targets African Americans, he targets, Latinos, White, Asians, EVERYONE! He actually makes fun of his own race the most. This society is sadly decreasing more and more everyday. I mean they're JOKES!! Get over it people, quit bitching and moaning about everything. So now this great comedian airs his show and all you people have are negative comments? Jealousy anyone? For your information George has these types of guests on his show because he has awesome relationships with a lot of them, and just like these low rating guys invite all the 'nobodys' to their talk shows im sure Gorge can do the same but he would probably make it a little more interesting because he adds REAL humor to it. So we have a great comedian that has worked extra hard to gain the position he has today, not to mention working against the racism and prejudice of everyone, that has finally made something big for himself and no one wants to give him the credit he deserves. Oh, but we will give all these ridiculous 'nobodys' their own reality shows. This is what American television is coming down to. Now that is something to worry about. So quit hating on this guy, because lemme tell you, the guys funny. Im white, and even i have to admit it. Ratings talk.
    P.S. And for those that refuse 'THEY WILL LEARN A SECOND LANGUAGE', lemme tell you something. I feel sorry for you, because you'll be the only idiot who will still be wondering "what the hell are they saying?" hahaha. Wether we like it or not, they're here, and there will be more where that came from, so get used to it.

  • Chris says:

    George does not pick on any particular race, he constantly make jokes about latinos which is his own race, he makes fun about other races as well. The only problem I see is you being offended by his comments get some help and work those issues you have out. then, you will be able to see they are jokes without getting offended.

  • dirocc@charter.net says:

    George does make fun of African American people. As well as, others.
    If you are going to be offended by his commments, then you need to grow up. Its funny, African Americans get offended when they are made fun of, but it is ok when Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock make fun of Whites and everybody else. It is called reverse racism. The press like to ignore it, but it is out there. I had seen a show called, "What would you do?". They had 3 teen aged white boys destroying a car in a mostly white neighborhood. Some people tried to stop them. A couple of people called the cops.
    Then they substituted the white boys with African American boys. A lot more people called the cops.
    Basically, they were saying it was racism.
    Now, what they should have done next is do the same senario in Compton.
    Who thinks those 3 white boys would have gotten out with out being physically assaulted?
    Things need to change. All the way around.

  • Ahmad says:

    George is a very funny guy when it comes to the " George Lopez " show but in this new show "Lopez Tonight", I think he failed radically.
    His jokes are not that fuuny, and I do not really enjoy them. He says the joke and wait for seconds then the audience laughs because they are suppose to, not because the joke was funny.
    I really think that he should work harder on his material like Leno, O'Brian, craig ferguson and Letterman do.
    Quite frankly, I believe that if it was not for the guests, his show would have stopped after the first week.

  • luis salvador says:

    los perros ladran,don quijote dejalos que senal que vamos cabalgando

  • Gpers says:

    The masses are asses. Stop believing everything you hear from comedians, politicians, talk show hosts, religious morons and the media. If you`re too sensitive, turn off the t.v. You cannot change the world by hating......go out and shake somebody`s hand instead.....sheesh!

  • Aussie Meyer says:

    George Lopez' monologues are snarky, mean celebrity baiting without being very funny or clever. It's all kind of gay - not that there's anything wrong with that - but George doesn't wear it well. Man needs to go back to scripted comedy.

  • Daniel Sanchez says:

    George Lopes needs to tone down the Cholo antics. Not all Mexican Americans find similarities with his unfortunate dysfunctional family upbringing. Furthermore, he is pushing the limit of comedy and is bordering on insulting of Latinas, Blacks and Whites. His Show may be a first and historical, but if he continues with comedy material that if mostly fit for street and incarcerated people I for one, as a Mexican American will no longer watch his Show.

  • lattedriven says:

    Frankly I'm sick of African Americans crying about their injustice. In case you weren't listening Lopez talks about how Hispanics are farm workers. As a Hispanic I don't take offense.
    @ GPERS, well said!

  • anonymous says:

    lol its funny how people get so sensitive on george's jokes. HE targets all races all cultures, etc. Theres a reason he's on cable tv and his approach is more out in the open. The show is funny im glad for his success.

  • Rob Davidson says:


  • Fred A says:

    Lopez is the only talk show that that helps promote Black artist.. not the tonight show or any other show its like sing your song and get the hell off kind of thing.. Lopez Helps promote movies, music, and products.. so be for you open your mouth about a Chicano helping artist promote thier line, who also campaign for Obama,Know what the fuk your talking about...

  • Alex says:

    George Lopez is so funny and my family truly enjoys watching his show e/night. I am very dissapointed that he will be pushed back to the midnight slot to make room for one more white comedian... more of the same how boring! Sorry TBS but if George's show is really pushed off to midnight I will stop watching TBS all together!

  • D says:

    Hey Mr. Lopez,
    Just curious on your input on Arizona's new law? I was hoping you would do a show about it. I'm from Arizona and I can't believe this is happening. My great-grandparents were born in Arizona and Texas when it still belonged to Mexico!

  • RicASpur says:

    RELOAD !

  • RICASPUR says:


  • black dude says:

    I don't care if you are hispanic. I'm black, and technically latinos are caucasion, so I don't like that. Besides, he isn't even funny. So not only am I mad I decide watch the show, he tells a black joke that wasn't even a funny black joke, so now I'm like(if I'm not laughing then who is?)

  • lolaa says:

    ummm y can't black people just be happy for other people for once i live in a neighborhood where it's mainly black people and i'm tiredddd of their dumb attitudes and i am half black myself. it annoys the crap out of me how they always have a problem with a race and are always saying oh well everyone's attacking us BS!! every single dayyy i see black people beating up spanish kids and stealing from them but i don't hear spanish people talking shit. the 1960s been past get over it martin luther king is deaddd we all face racism. stop hating for once

  • Rob Davidson says:


  • I have been seeing the comments of Black Americans, I have seen Black Amerians and how he hugs them, there are some people don't see his show everynight. I proud to see George Lopez bring the hispanics up instead of tearing us down. I can relate to his stories. He is the first talk show that has a hispanic host. It makes us all proud and we say "It's about time". There are alot of different ethics comics who put our race down for years and years.. So, do you think that we don't need someone like George Lopez to represent us. We are so proud of him. God Bless you, George Lopez!

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