Looking Directly at Clash of the Titans Trailer Will Turn Your Eardrums to Stone


· And here it is: The trailer for Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans. First thoughts? Too many clothes, as we've whined before. REALLY LOUD PROG RAP ROCK METAL MUSIC! Less vertigo-inducing than Prince of Persia. REALLY BIG SCORPION!!! Still waiting to be sold on Sam Worthington as leading man. OMG! Walnut-faced people! THERE'S THAT SCORPION AGAIN, WATCH OUT! And it looks OK? That's about it for now. [via ONTD]

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" id="player-52" name="player-52" src="http://www-movieline-com.vimg.net/_/jw/player-licensed-viral.swf" width="585" height="474"

allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="autostart=0&config=http://www-movieline-com.vimg.net/playlists/config.xml&playlist=none&provider=rtmp&streamer=rtmp://streaming.movieline.com/ondemand/video/bc-archive/&file= Looking-Directly-the-Titans-Trailer.flv"plugins="acudeojw,gapro,viral-&viral.callout=none&viral.onpause=false&gapro.accountid=UA-1915907-26&gapro.trackstarts=true&gapro.trackpercentage=true&gapro.tracktime=true&acudeojw.progId=4af229940e9cc" />

· New York has compiled all of Roger Sterling's one-liners (minus the one about getting a "foot in the door," curiously) from this season of Mad Men. Kinda loses something plucked out of the oxygen-deficient context of the intense scenes into which they're usually tossed, but a worthy keepsake nonetheless.

· Taylor Lautner graces the cover of December's Men's Health -- a moment he's been waiting for since his wee abs first appeared on the cover of the Feb 2004 issue of Boy's Health.

· At last -- satisfying wrap-ups to several of the most frustratingly vague endings in recent movie and TV history.

· EW has a list of 50 actors they'd watch in anything. Umm...where's Heigl?


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