Why Did I Get Married, Too? Not Nearly As Hilarious As The Original


Imagine if Precious had a sequel that brought back all you favorite characters -- Precious, her mom, Mrs. Weiss, Cornrows, Nurse John, and the rest -- only this time around, it isn't another harrowing story about a beaten-down soul who finds unlikely redemption in an inner-city classroom. Rather, they'd reunited for a wacky road trip aboard a runaway bingo bus in search of $1 million in buried bank-robber loot! And it's called It's a Precious, Precious, Precious, Precious World. Sound good? No? It sounds like an utterly ridiculous departure in tonality and subject matter from what made the first Precious so successful?

Well, then you obviously know nothing about the New Rules of Serialization, as they exist in the House of Perry. While hanging out in his crawlspace sanctum all those years ago, its future legendary mother Tyler Perry devised some pretty radical notions about genre-hopping within a single franchise. Theory is now put into practice, as a blithe, ensemble comedy exploring the subject of (100% heterosexual, fully recognized in all 50 states and by the Heavenly Savior Above) marriage has come back as a tropical thriller in which Janet Jackson might or might not be the notorious Bahamian Cabana Killer.

The Verdict: No more drama.

The sequel's trailer:

The original's trailer:


  • metroville says:


  • Colander says:

    This reminds me of that scene in Jungle Fever 2: Swirl Flu, when Flipper discovers the ghost of his wife's first abortion is still living inside of her.

  • John M says:

    I like the grammatical puzzle of the title. Why did I get married, too?

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    nah, this reminds me of the new wall street 2: money always dances they're filming where shia joins josh brolin and carey mulligan in joining the american ballet academy

  • Daft Clown says:

    Janet looks beat up from the feet up.

  • The Winchester says:

    Oh, "too" is supposed to be "two"! Clever!

  • Damn, Janet looks like Rick James in that photo.

  • TimGunn says:

    Is someone going to be murdered?!?! Who?!?!?

  • Rah says:

    I guess they say that everyone has their own opinions on things. I love the movie "Why Did I get Married Too?" I think it hit some major points in marriage. We all face some problems like this day to day but not the whole Gavin getting killed in a car accident that was surprising to me. I watch the movie on DISHonline.com for the first time I didn't go to theaters because I'm not a fan of the crowd and people that can't be quiet during the movie. Also my co-worker at DISH told me just to wait on it to come out because it wasn't great. I found it interesting and great I guess you really have to be into life that way to understand it.