Remember That Time Wanda Sykes Premiered Her Talk Show With a Skit About Recycling Sex Toys?


Some comedians might use their talk show premiere to safety belt their audience into an eco-friendly car, lull them to sleep with unoffensive political jokes and airy A-list interviews, and then gently push the Ford-skinned Prius into the John D. Long Lake, killing all ratings in a confusing act of self-sabotage. Not Wanda Sykes, who jolted Fox's Family Guy viewer base awake during her bumpy Saturday night premiere with Ann Coulter jabs, drag queens, Mary Lynn Rajskub martinis and a four-minute pre-taped sketch on recycling sex toys.

The comedienne's New Adventures of Old Christine co-star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, cameos in the video, in which Sykes pitches the adult entertainment industry on "going green." In the clip below, the host attempts to answer her own age-old question, "Can't I please Mother Nature and myself?"

The Wanda Sykes Show premiered with a 2.2 household rating, pulling over 15% higher numbers than last winter's average MadTV rating.