Seth MacFarlane Joins Jay Leno and Jeff Dunham in Ranks of Too-Rich, Self-Satisfied Comedy Hacks Who Should Not Have Their Own Shows

I can't claim that Seth MacFarlane didn't follow Movieline's variety show rules last night (I didn't notice Geri Reischl, for starters), but Family Guy Presents Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Hour, veered deep into a stinky safe-zone by stealing sketch set-ups from Jay Leno's mothball-suffocated closet of conceits. Let's start with the hardest-hitting wit: There aren't many Jewish comediennes because of -- hear me out -- the Holocaust. I'll slap everyone's knees in this whole room, and their Jewish mothers! Then MacFarlane and Family Guy voice actress Alex Borstein act out imagined screen-tests for Bea Arthur, Kathy Griffin, and Gregory Peck -- just a couple of cards, these two. Guys, this sucked. Clip of the antics after the jump.

Did I mention that the Cowardly Lion comes into play? Because he does. It's not a crime to produce a less-than-legendary variety special, but because the subjects of Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Hour are such unlikely headliners, why do it unless the results are memorable? After these sketches, they should have just rolled down the screen and asked ten questions to an unamused subject -- for instance, a merciful God.


  • HwoodHills says:

    Wow...A holocaust joke? Really? Lesson learned?: Stuff that works when animated doesn't transfer as well with live people. (ie the Kermit bit was funny with rough material.)

  • Finally, someone has done a rene zellwegger impression. I can go to heaven. *ascends

  • stretch65 says:

    Holocast jokes always slay me...
    well my grandmother actually...

  • NoWireHangers says:

    This was reaaaaally craptastic. I passively watched most of it while cooking dinner. You didn't even mention the hilarious sketch where Alex does an impression of Marlee Matlin singing "Poker Face": it's funny cause she's deaf and she talks like a deaf person! Hahahahaha! But it's all okay because Marlee shows up in person to condone the sketch. I've watched Family Guy on occasion, laughed once in awhile, share/agree with all the complaints about the jokes/writing/general crappiness of the show. I never felt too strongly about MacFarlane's shows one way or another. But I must say, after seeing his smug yet slightly uncomfortable in his own skin asshole self sing and crack bad jokes, all I wanted to do was punch the mofo in the face. Yuck.

  • random101 says:

    This show that they did was pure genius. Sounds like whoever wrote this review has their fingers stuck too far up their asses to handle sarcasm at its finest. Hope they do it again.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    I just caught that sketch in its entirety. Wonder why Microsoft withdrew its sponsorship!

  • Nicholas says:

    I loved the Matlin skit...some of you all need to loosen your ties or girdles.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    There is "funny". Then there is "unfunny". Then there is "draining life-force till nothing is left but an empty husk."
    I first watched this clip around 2pm. I have just now regained consciousness.

  • Daft Clown says:

    Seth MacFarlane actually has quite a sexy profile in that photo.

  • Victor Ward says:

    He seems to be getting douche-ier the skinnier he gets. I'd... oh, god.. I'd hit it.
    But he'd probably slip in a "Victory is mine!" at some point during relations, and that would totally ruin it. Well, it would ruin it until I remembered how much money he has.

  • Moses says:

    Wait a minute here Movieline!
    How can you even try to be a compelling movie news source when writers like Louis here post an innocuous whine about the Family guy Variety show with no good rationale whatsoever.
    I found the show to be be very funny indeed. Its was edgy humor and different. Most vanilla coated shows are to afraid to make, And what is with all the references to Leno. Leno is boring.
    Okay so Seth comes across as a cocky Hollywoood player, but it was still pretty funny.
    I thought the sketches with the Cowardly Lion and Gregory Peck were ORIGINAL. What, one has to reference or ridicule top stars like Britney or Kanye to be relevant...
    Dudes, who is your audience - peeps from Kentucky over 50 yrs. old...
    Loosen Up!

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Hey, Movieline> Moses has spoken! Better get your shit together!!

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