Which of These (500) Days of Summer Men Got Engaged This Weekend?

Last night at the Behind the Camera Awards, before Joseph Gordon-Levitt went on to do a (500) Days of Summer pantomime with Zooey Deschanel, he was on the red carpet singing the praises of writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. (Gordon-Levitt also told us he hasn't started preparing for his upcoming stint hosting Saturday Night Live, but he can't wait until that very first meeting with the writers.) Still, despite the fun and excitement of taking home an award, one of three men had an even more momentous occasion to celebrate this weekend.

That'd be Neustadter, who got engaged over the weekend (and had the happy occasion revealed by Weber during their onstage acceptance speech). You may recall that Summer's premise sprung from a particularly brutal breakup that Neustadter experienced a few years ago, so consider this the film's happy ending epilogue. (A tip to the fiancee: Don't leave this guy at the altar unless you want Kate Hudson to play you three years from now.)

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