Buzz Break: Hot Larva


· Look closely at the top of that mushroom and you'll see the Alan Rickman-voiced Caterpillar from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which had been absent from marketing materials until now.

· The new Weinstein Co. trailer of A Single Man may have been de-gayed, but at least The Advocate is serving up a story of Ford's first blowjob.

· In a talk with Slashfilm, X2 writer Michael Dougherty shared his thoughts on what a Ratner-less X-Men 3 could have been.

· Sorry, Bad Movies We Love fans: The Aeon Flux Blu-Ray appears to have been canceled.

· Eminem is set to star in the 3D film Shady Talez. Very lucky that the rapper managed to find financiers who've collectively lived in a cave since 2004.