Which of These Stars Has the Best Critical Track Record in Hollywood?

You and I may lose hours of work every week addictively trolling the rankings and comments at places like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, but one obsessive decided to make the latter site his job for the sake of science. The experiment: to find the most consistent critical voices working today (or at least posting to Metacritic), and the stars who benefit the most from those voices. Culled from reviews and films over the last decade, the results are certainly... interesting.

According to a new report in the research magazine Miller-McCune, Elijah Wood's films from 1999-2008 scored the highest average rating of any actor working today at 75.3. Trailing him at 72.8 is Philip Seymour Hoffman, with Viggo Mortensen right behind him at 72.2. Catherine Deneuve is the highest-ranked woman on the list at 71.6, just behind Clint Eastwood; both Kate Winslet and Helena Bonham Carter (above) fare in the upper 60s. Freddie Prinze Jr. landed in last place with 36.7. Delgo will do that to a man.

And the reviewer whose ratings most consistently reflect the critical average? Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald. I'll let the analyst explain his methodology, but let's just assume congratulations are in order.

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