What's On: Rihanna and Chris Brown Face Off With Dueling, Album-Plugging Tell-Alls


Remember that time in September when Chris Brown visited Larry King Live, and with bowtie and supportive mother in place, told America that he would never discuss the details of the Rihanna-beating fiasco "out of respect for her"? Well, Brown is forfeiting that solemn vow tonight for a sit-down with MTV's Sway Calloway, during which he will try to piece together the events of that fateful, Lamborghini-rented night while plugging his upcoming album. A few hours later, Rihanna closes out her two-part Basic Instinct-inspired exclusive with Diane Sawyer, and makes sure to mention her new record.

Chris Brown: The Interview [6 PM, MTV] / 20/20 [10 PM, ABC]

MTV is peddling their Chris Brown special as an all-encompassing, revelatory half hour in which Nothing Is Off Limits. Brown talks about his windfall post-Larry King, anger management and the therapeutic benefits of his new album. Rihanna uses her time on 20/20 to reveal more about her relationship with Chris Brown. Afterwards, John Quinones closes down the emotion-fueled night with a gripping report on a Texas woman, diagnosed with dementia, who curiously willed her house to a pair of antique dealers.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Truth or Square [8 PM, Nickelodeon

There might be a few children who do not agree, but even the most hearing-deprived, children's programming desensitized adult would argue than an hour of SpongeBob's voice is a little too much. Luckily for us, the tenth anniversary special features lots of celebrity guests, ranging from LeBron James to Tina Fey to human cartoons Craig Ferguson and Will Ferrell. It has been a decade of ups and mostly downs in America, but one thing has remained consistent: SpongeBob is kind of annoying but pretty funny the more tired or stoned you are.

Platinum Babies [9 PM, WE]

WE wheels out a new reality series that charts outrageous spending habits. Instead of featuring bratty sixteen year-olds or confrontation-prone housewives, Platinum Babies stars parents willing to drop $50,000 on a baby shower and hire a feng shui expert to help design a $25,000 nursery. This show has potential for ironic greatness if only WE cut the burdensome voice-over.


From Hell [11 PM, AMC]

A thriller about a murderer who terrorized Victorian London was not something moviegoers wanted to see a month after the 9/11 attacks, but we are all slaves to the release schedule. Only Johnny Depp, Heather Graham or Ian Holm completists caught this Hughes brothers adaptation of a graphic novel about the investigation into Jack the Ripper's identity, but that should not prevent home viewers from using part of their Friday night to at least catch another fine character role from Robbie Coltrane. Just like GoldenEye, Coltrane's comic performance keeps this from getting so dark that you cannot distinguish the shadows from the light.


  • John says:

    Why you are still talking about these two crazy,people?
    How many women are every day beaten abused?so many.
    Who are these? singing for living, like any body else.
    I advice them to go back to kindergarden, start from there
    and grow up slowly. Give us break.

  • Do you believe music culture is heading to a future where songs are released for free and singers make their moolah through concerts and sponserships?