The Jeff Dunham Show's Worst Sketch This Week: Sweet Daddy D.O.A.


Normally it wouldn't be fair or even fun to scavenge a TV show each week for its worst moment, but The Jeff Dunham Show has already proven itself a true anomaly. In the third episode of Comedy Central's multi-phobic hit, our favorite "non-ventriloquist" (his manager never uses the word) visits a barbershop with his puppet (which resembles any number of sculptures traded between racist collectible enthusiasts on eBay) named Sweet Daddy Dee to discover how to win a black following. He has just a million non-white races to go after that.

First off, the Richard Pryor commentary is pretty trenchant. Pryor did say "motherf*cker" a few times in his life, Sweet Daddy, you have that right. And Jeff tickles our ribs with that sly "Black people don't get sunburned" line of quips. But I think the greatest segment is when S.D.D. suggests (jokingly, I surmise) that Jeff start invoking the N-word in his act. Because it's a riot when the word is brought up in any context, namely one where the white person voicing the pint-sized monster is hiding and we're ogling reaction shots from a room of black people. Pie in the face for you, status quo! Also: Is anyone else worried this might be an advertising triumph for Wonderbread?


  • HwoodHills says:

    How the f@ck does Triumph The Insult Comic Dog not have a show yet but this guy does?

  • Daft Clown says:

    Jeff Dunham appeals to dummies, and there's a lot of dummies watching Comedy Central.

  • David Davies says:

    This man is playing the O2 Arena in London in a few weeks. WTF? Are all of your expats over here idiots? No one here knows who he is!

  • Andy III says:

    Boy, and I thought 'Mind of Mencia' was scraping the bottom of the barrel. Touche' Comedy Central...touche'.