Project Runway Recap: The Sarajevo Sayonara

If you're a regular reader of Movieline's Project Runway recaps, you know that our examinations revolve around two tenets: 1) Tim Gunn wondering out loud if Logan had walked in off the street -- in particular a street with an Urban Outfitters; 2) Gordana Gehlhausen, the Yugoslavian-but-that's-not-a-country-anymore maiden who came a long way and through a lot of confusing pollution in order to get here. Now that she's gone, we're left with almost no reason to recap, and for that, our grief is larger than Althea's elevator shaft of hair. They also kicked off Christopher because come on.

After an introductory segment where Althea and Irina make identical statements about how "Someone in this room is cheating. I don't know if you've smelled her, but [Irina/Althea] has cheater stench. Just saying. P.U." Heidi Klum orders the five remaining designers to take the Santa Monica 3 bus to Brentwood for their new challenge. "Bring a book!" she warns. "It might take hours."

The quintet arrives at L.A.'s Getty Museum, where Tim Gunn and mayor Antonio Villaraigosa realize they both enjoy exercising, so they try talking about that for an hour and a half while the breathless designers scale the hill with their bare hands.


"Designers!" Tim exclaims. "We are at L.A's premiere museum, the Getty. I don't have time to explain what a museum is. Furthermore, Antonio refused to use the Getty monorail, and I'm winded from the chopper ride up here. What a little princess! Anyway, get inspired by a painting, make a dress of it, and try not to make it look like a gray nimbus cloud. Why wasn't that the prompt for every challenge? We could've had a real season on our hands. After you choose an inspiration, it is time to spend three hours in traffic to get to Mood. You bought the full-day bus pass, right? Tra-la-la, I can't hear you, goodbye."

Christopher mistakes a fountain in the lobby for artwork and immediately snaps 300 photographs. Carol-Hannah clicks away upon spotting a pretty bed and remembering that she has a pretty bed. Gordana lays eyes on a Monet, decides that up close it's just paint splotches, dirt streaks, and tally marks counting up the days until dad lets her leave the wood yard, and starts sketching. Irina derives inspiration from a painting of a woman kneeling in a see-through black frock, knowing this can be worked into an oversized '80s fur contraption somehow. Althea giggles more than twice.

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  • Marie Claire says:

    The show lost its soul and essence when Logan was eliminated.
    He had style. He had grace.
    He had hair and a pretty face.
    Gordana and her outfits made me cough.
    She also sounded liked Yakoff Smirnoff.
    Christopher, I couldn't care for one iota.
    Do all men cry and have chin straps from Minnesota?
    Irina failed to use the Macy's accessories thoughtfully.
    Her circus tent dress fit the model fraught-fully.
    Project Runway season six you disappoint.
    I'd like to take you behind a shed and break your joints.

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Props on the Minnesota rhyme, Mahr-ee.

  • linda says:


  • I found a similar post on a different site and didn't quite get it, but this article is much clearer. Many thanks!

  • Vito says:

    Major lover with this page, numerous your articles have seriously helped me out. Looking towards updates!