Nobody's Perfect

And so we've reached another Friday at Movieline, where your editors welcomed all cultural creatures large and small into our peaceable kingdom. How about that view of LAX, eh? All right, well, anyway, try to focus on only the happiest, most rewarding and satisfying happenings and developments from the last week -- I can help you with that after the jump. Have a wonderful weekend!

· You can go watch The Greatest Segment in Morning-TV History, but only if you promise to come right back here. Promise? OK.

· Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin signed on as next year's Oscar hosts. We looked forward to their senses of adventure -- get your Jeff Bridges jokes ready, fellas!

· I'm not sure we ever had a busier week of interviews at ML HQ, starting with Terry Gilliam, Samantha Morton, Sophie Okonedo, Gabourey Sidibe, Jemaine Clement, Henry Selick, Anoop Desai, Sofia Vassilieva, Kristen Prout, AFI Fest supertalents Xavier Dolan and Kyle Patrick Alvarez and Late Late Show E.P. Michael Naidus.

· And that's not even counting three of this weekends Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards honorees: New Moon visual effects supervisor Susan MacLeod, Up In the Air editor Dana E. Glauberman and Inglourious Basterds editor Sally Menke.

· And that's not counting the folks we caught up with at the Savannah Film Festival, including Woody Harrelson, Emmy Rossum, Alan Cumming, and Andre Leon Talley.

· We found 10 disaster movies even more crapocalyptic than next week's 2012. But can they beat its forthcoming TV sequel?

· The world got its first look at sexy catatonic James Franco and the set of David Fincher's The Social Network.

· V's premiere was at the top of the ratings world. The latest episode of The Jeff Dunham Show plummeted, but at least it wasn't as bad as German 30 Rock.

· We sang a song -- 10 of them, in fact -- for Sesame Street's 40th anniversary. And in other lists, check out these nine college courses based on popular TV shows.

· In an historic week on Mad Men, JFK was assassinated and Betty Draper climbed to the top of our Power Rankings. The Hills and Project Runway did their best to catch up.

· George Hickenlooper sent over his acceptance letter to Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School, and David Wain sent over his contribution to our library of One-Page Screenplays.

· The Russian teaser of Salt and the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trailer withstood our Two-Minute Verdict. Heath Ledger's posthumous directorial debut was settled out of court.