Eric Cartman Might've Botched His Progressive Anti-Gay Rally With Misplaced Vulgarity

Following Wednesday's episode of South Park in which Cartman and the crew try to re-brand the word "faggot" as a way to describe "annoying and inconsiderate" riders of Harley-Davidsons, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) released a statement saying that Trey Parker and Matt Stone's intentions were noble, but their methods awry. "The creators of South Park are right on one important point: more and more people are using the F-word as an all-purpose insult. However, it is irresponsible and wrong to suggest that it is a benign insult or that promoting its use has no consequences for those who are the targets of anti-gay bullying and violence." Clip of Kyle and Stan's attempt at a sociological shift after the jump.

Cheeky, indeed. "Bike-curious" is long how I've described any potential sequel of Wild Hogs.

GLAAD Protests 'South Park' F-Bomb Episode [THR]


  • Colander says:

    People like memes. So hopefully the 'calling rude people the f-word' meme can be strong enough that people eventually forget it was a meme in the first place. They make the point of the word's meaning constantly changing anyway.

  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    Isn't the reason that 'faggot' has turned into an all-purpose insult is that it's based on wide held negative perceptions of gay people? Saying the word has moved beyond an slur to gay people is ridiculous - every time someone says it, regardless of who it is directed at, it always references its origin as a gay slur. That's why it's an insult.

  • Old No.7 says:

    Has anyone asked the British Cigarette Industry how they feel about fags?

  • Bill says:

    Sorry folks. This is just wrong. And everyone knows it.
    I swear, it's hard to believe that you heteros create all of us gays.
    Because we certainly didn't inherit our manners from you.
    And we would certainly never treat you with the disrespect and contempt that we face from you daily.

  • Colander says:

    The thing is that 'fag' didn't start out that way, but obv it's all you think of when you hear it now. If the word cuts deeply for you (which it probably should for anyone) then the episode is hard to watch. Southparkstudios has the whole thing up for free, though.

  • stolidog says:

    Come on! They're just jealous of what we get to do to each other. We have way more fun.

  • jake says:

    "But they make fun of Everyone. Get used to it" is what I'm told of this and Family Guy, so I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander. So I guess if it's gonna happen to the goose, the gander better be willing to take it too.

  • Tracy says:

    Really Bill? Because in just 4 sentences you've somehow managed to squeeze a dumptruck full of disrespect and contempt towards "us heteros".

  • bruce says:

    i've heard gay people call other gay men faggots as an insult. is it ok when used by homosexuals? there's no room for double standards if you want to complain about it. too many people just want something to bitch about. if it wasn't an episode of south park, GLAAD would be protesting something else. how many heteros do you think get upset when we're referred to as breeders, heteros, or some other heterosexual slur? get over it. if you don't let it hurt, it won't be an abusive word. for the record, i'm strongly in favor of gays being given equal rights in every aspect of life.

  • I got called a faggot last night during a bible study.
    I get called a faggot every day of my life by strangers.
    It does hurt sometimes and it's disrespectful and illegal to harass people using that word in Toronto, Ontario.
    Gay bashing is a crime here.

  • Joe Big Twin says:

    Get over it. South Park slams everyone. Why should gay people be immune? I thought it was funny and I ride a Harley.

  • Bill2 says:

    Slamming everyone is no excuse. Making fun of someone's stupidity is one thing. But to lambast someone for being different is wrong-- they can't help it.
    If you are the kind of person to laugh at retarded jokes, or call someone else retarded then I hope you suffer a stroke or other debilitation and then you'll see how funny it really is.
    What is wrong with people? This kind of "humor" promotes intolerance of others, and unless you like ridiculing blacks, mexicans, women, or gays then you'll agree this is wrong. Grow up.

  • Mr Kim says:

    If you allow things to effect you, such as a word, then it is not the word it self but the meaning YOU attach to it. People create their own
    feelings. In this generation the word GAY is no longer pinned to people
    in same sex relationships. It is a use word for anything distasteful or out of style with the current trend. This would mean that Gay people are no longer the subject of this use word. George Carlin where are you, in this our greatest time of need.

  • benjo says:

    Obviously, this was not a serious attempt to re-brand the word faggot. It was smartly played social commentary on the fact that for many young people, the word is not a direct reference to homosexuality, and certainly for some, it's not an indirect on either. Only a melon would reduce South Park's lesson down to: "It's now okay to call people faggot."

  • Emperor Joshua Norton says:

    Sorry guys, Bill is right. I've been astonished to see outright homophobia come roaring back as the word "gay" and the f-word have been twisted into epithets for things that are wrong, ugly, or, as Mr. Kim points out, "distasteful."
    When I first heard the phrase "That's so gay," I honestly thought it meant "too fabulous for words," because that's how I view gayness. To learn that it meant the opposite was a shock. An ugly, terrible shock.
    I call bullshit on: Anyone who thinks words aren't harmful; Anyone who points to intra-minority use of cruelty as an excuse for their own; And any hetero who thinks their situation as the accepted majority gives them ANY conceptualization of the abject misery homophobia creates.
    And ferchrissakes, who watches SP and FG any more? Lame! These are not role models, they're just bottom feeders.