What's On: Softcore Mullally


Ever since Will & Grace went off the air and the underrated In the Motherhood was snuffed out mid-season, we've been piecing together our Karen: The Musical vision boards, saving up for the Starz cable package, and counting down the days until Megan Mullally's next network guest spot. Tonight, Parks and Recreation slips us our much-needed Mullally fix (with a little tongue), when the brassy actress joins her offscreen husband, Parks regular Nick Offerman, onscreen.

Parks and Recreation [8:30 PM, NBC]

Leslie (Amy Poehler) discovers that the library department wants to seize her beloved lot, a development worsened when she realizes that the library is headed by Ron's (Offerman) ex-wife (Offerman's real life wife, Mullally), who is determined to best Leslie at any cost. If you're feeling NBC's guest star vibe, stay tuned for the always genius Brian Williams to appear on 30 Rock.

The Real Housewives of Orange County [10 PM, Bravo]

It's unlikely that tonight's Orange County premiere will reach the extraordinary highs of this Atlanta-related interview, in which Sheree Whitfield's ex-husband alleges that he created Frankenstein, or the lows of Leno's baldfaced mockery of the Atlanta Housewives on Tuesday, but Orange County is the original Housewives incarnation and that should count for something. Tonight's fifth season opener will follow the ladies as they deal with the economic downturn and welcome Alexis Bellino, a proud, young, stay-at-home mother into their clique.

Grey's Anatomy [9 PM, ABC]

All fifteen fans of NBC's Third Watch (and the three people still lighting candles for Lipstick Jungle) need only wait one more week until Kim Raver joins the cast of Grey's, but first you will deal with one more week of the watered down cast. Cristina (Sandra Oh) has the best storyline going these days, and hopefully Owen (Kevin McKidd) can deal with her continued testing of their relationship because having a happy Cristina might give another character a chance to take away the neurotic spotlight. Alex (Justin Chambers) deals with a problem that might have him hoping single payer health care gets passed.


High Noon [10 PM EST/7 PM PST, TCM]

Most Westerns last a lot longer than 85 minutes, but this brief morality tale is all about the economical use of all aspects of cinema, from the muted but confident emotions of Gary Cooper's Marshal Will Kane to the supportive cinematography of Floyd Crosby. High Noon unfolds in real time (a second is lost here and there, if you want to stopwatch it) and never wastes a frame in convincing future lawmen (and lawwomen) that standing up for yourself can be a bloody exercise.