Part One of Rihanna's Good Morning America Interview is Emotional, Honest, and Exactly Like Basic Instinct

Rihanna's eagerly awaited ABC News blitz commenced this morning with part one of her interview with Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer, though the singer still hasn't divulged enough about the Chris Brown incident yet to force DJs into exclusively spinning "Disturbia (Felix Da Housecat's Mournful Remix)." Instead, Rihanna wore a short white dress and sat in lighting so reminiscent of Sharon Stone's interrogation scene in Basic Instinct that I half-expected an ominous reading of the line, "'Bitch,' mostly, but he meant it affectionately." Chills. Video after the jump.

A little too evocative, no? In related news, Diane's squinty condescension comes down like an icepick right from the start.


  • Daft Clown says:

    The only difference here being when Rihanna is at the halfway point of switching crossed legs, a creaky, malevolent Quaker curse is not unleashed upon mankind.

  • hoover vac says:

    So everyone wanted BinLaden dead and now it's a similar old GEE OH PEE nuckleheads wanted proof! Get a gun and go do it yourself! And yes Obama will be re-elected because he does not lie like GW bush! Remember his mission accomplished BS! What a Joke of a Pres he turned into! Keep voting for fools like him and we will all be dead!!