Dane Cook Sore At Obama-Flouting Cocaine Enthusiast Who Shall Remain Nameless


Dane Cook may be rich and famous, but no one will let him just enjoy it. Everywhere you look, there's someone trying to chip away at the comedian, whether it's a talk show host trying to coax him into a confession of vehicular manslaughter, or a fellow comic like David Cross who delights in taking potshots at him from the cool kids' table. At least, that's what we're inferring from Cook's interview with Vulture, where Cook levels a not-so-veiled counterattack at someone who just happens to share Cross's IMDb credits:

If we're talking about comedians and people that have taken shots at me, I don't get it. I don't get that, 'cause I know that the Chris Rocks and the Steve Martins and the Billy Cosbys and the Rodney Dangerfields, guys that I loved, embraced me. Other comics, what people deem "alt comics," a lot of them have egg on their face 'cause they're now making talking-animal movies. 'Cause they sold out hard-core. And they have to answer to their fans now -- "Hey, I took a shot at Dane," but you're in Alvin and the Chipmunks. And you know what? More power to you. You did a movie that goes against what you preached, and what you hard-core vehemently nailed me on. I know you got a kid to feed. You might have a sick mom that you have to take care of. And that's okay. I'm not gonna take your legs out from under you. But I am aware that you put your head in your pillow, and maybe you should have bit your tongue a little bit.

Sure, it might have looked like the ultimate act of selling out, but Cross totally got Alvin and Theodore to smoke some crystal meth at the wrap party, OK? Top that, Cook.

Dane Cook on Fans, Haters, and How He's Like George Clooney [Vulture]


  • SunnydaZe says:

    "I know that the Chris Rocks and the Steve Martins and the Billy Cosbys and the Rodney Dangerfields"

  • SunnydaZe says:

    This is too painful. I have met a Dane Cook clone in my own experience. Anyone else have horror stories??

  • Furious D says:

    I heard that Louis CK complained about David Cross years ago.

  • Anonymous says:

    I also had heard this.

  • John the Craptist says:

    This is in no way a defense of Dane Cook, who is the embodiment of everything terrible in comedy and possibly also the universe. BUT I am curious as to when David Cross became such a douchebag. This whole "Ironic coke bump to one-up my bff Gavin McInnis!" thing seems like the sort of asshat behavior Cross would have made fun of in his act a few years ago. Am I wrong to think this particular emperor no longer has any clothes? I'm in mourning, personally.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    I think Cross is doing the "Two Andys". (Kaufman and Dick) He is intentionally trying to stir the shit and make trouble. "Alt-comedians" get off on that, as they giggle quietly to themselves and others of their kind.

  • tania cinque says:

    i doubt that dane cook calls bill cosby anything but sir or mr cosby. what a load of crap. most of the people i know who dislike dane cook dislike him because he's a shitty comedian who relies on schtick and energy to sell his crap jokes. especially after the douchebag intentionally went after richard pryor's record for marathon stand-up. you're a joke and an asshat, dane cook. you're not fit to shine richard pryor's coke snorting, mercedes shooting, lighting himself on fire while freebasing shoes.
    kindly fuck off into the obscurity you so richly deserve, daney.

  • Elna Ifeanyi says:

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