Buzz Break: A Single Sheet


· Here's the official one-sheet for A Single Man, which makes us want to spend exorbitant sums on retro-chic eyewear and flesh-colored silk cushions more than see the movie.

· Norwegian lamp manufacturers Luxo have settled amicably with Pixar, who packaged Up DVDs with a toy Luxo Jr. lamp. The defamation lawsuit filed by obese people on hover scooters is still pending, however.

· CBS reduced its order of Numbers, from 22 to 16. That's a reduction of ... carry the four ... six episodes! (No wonder we never watch that show.)

· Birthday boy Matthew McConaughey looks back with gratitude at his 40 years on the planet, calls himself a "late bloomer," still uses MySpace.

· Two words: MORE FRANCO. (With laser-cut logo!)


  • Furious D says:

    1. I thought it was an ad for a new cologne.
    2. Norwegians make electric lamps? I thought everything there was lit with herring oil. (Angry Norwegians please send your complaints to the Movieline head office, which is located in the back room of a Taco Bell on Melrose.)
    3. Where can I go for the atomic level sexual tension between Navi Rawat and Judd Hirsch?
    4. I sent some shirts for his birthday, perhaps he'll keep them on for a change.
    5. More Franco? But I thought Fransisco died years ago in Spain. Oh, James Franco, my bad.