Final Sherlock Holmes Trailer May Not Go Over Well with Anti-Gay Maine Voters

It's been a long, interesting ride for the Sherlock Holmes promotional campaign, which began with a shot of Robert Downey Jr stripped to the waist and now finishes with a final trailer full of homoerotic banter. "This is not your father's Sherlock Holmes!" the trailer cries. "Did your father's Sherlock Holmes flirt with Watson all day? Did he sublimate his sexual urges for Jude Law into a simultaneous, side-by-side orgasm of gunfire? Did Moriarty sit this one out, biding his time until the proper threesome could be written into the sequel?"

Truth be told, though, the "old married couple" rapport of Holmes and Watson feels more fresh and appealing than most of the regular ol' action tropes elsewhere featured in the trailer. The latter element concerns me -- after the decidedly underwhelming Prince of Persia teaser, have we reached a point where green-screened CG spectacle can't even wow in a trailer? Hey, Maine voters: If you really want to take some rights away, leave Holmes and Watson alone and concentrate solely on overzealous practitioners of Adobe After Effects.

VERDICT: A gay old time.


  • In your dreams perhaps!

  • dstudie says:

    I wasn't planning on seeing this rubbish anyway. Frankly, it looks to be a dud at the boxoffice.

  • Jack_2 says:

    I am so all over this movie. It's the one movie I have been waiting for this year.

  • JTaylor says:

    Obviously you have never read a Sherlock Holmes story. This movie is closer to the books than any of the shitty English versions of Holmes. Holmes and Watson were quite close, even living together on Bakers Street. In many of the books Holmes gives Watson a hard time or has a snide remark similar to what is seen above. It's plainly apparent that you have no idea the true reality of Sherlock Holmes. I am stoked for this movie because I have read every book.

  • t grosse says:

    You are so out of your fricking mind. There is no homoerotic, or any other crap here. It is just a story; and two men can be close without being queers.

  • Anna says:

    I am looking forward to seeing this movie more than anything else this year! So who cares what anyone else thinks. Maine can stuff it! I love Robert Downey Jr in anything!! So, bring on Sherlock Holmes!

  • raincoaster says:

    I didn't recognize Jude Law at first. Gee, I can almost tolerate him in this.

  • At first blush, I thought this movie would be good, but those special effects look AWFUL. And why does the fate of the entire world always have to be at stake these days? The books are enjoyable because they are about much smaller-scale mysteries...

  • Nemo says:

    As much as I want to see this, I can't help but think how this and all the other trailers for the film look like fan videos. Not one of the reaction shots matches the line that precedes it (case in point, just one of two dozen or so: Watson's "Get what's in your hand out of my face," spoken indoors, followed by Adler's "They've been flirting like that for hours," spoken outside, in a boat). The trailer editors have concocted a story and pacing that may well have nothing to do with the finished product. Yes, I know that that's part of the art of trailer-making, but here it seems especially pronounced. Love the cast, love Guy Richie, but I'm concerned as to what we're actually in for come release day.

  • Joyce Schroder says:

    I think what "we're actually in for" is a fantastic movie with lots of action, great lines and a little love to boot. I am so looking forward to this film....Robert, Jude and Rachel are going to be fantastic!!

  • stretch65 says:

    Some times a pipe is really a penis...

  • Tom says:

    Er, this is an English version of Sherlock Holmes. It's directed by Guy Ritchie.

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