Now Introducing 30 Rock's James Franco


Performance artist James Franco will follow up his General Hospital arc as a monochromatic Port Charles stranger with a guest appearance on 30 Rock. In the episode, which begins production this week, Franco is lured into an agent-engineered fauxmance with Jenna (Jane Krakowski). While there is a 25 percent chance that the Milk actor will be nominated for a Guest Actor Emmy even if he is wheeled around Studio 6H unconscious in a Spider-Man mask, let's hope he has more scenery to chew than last week's guest star Betty White. [EW]


  • NP says:

    Awww I liked Betty's quick guest spot ("I'll be at your funeral!"). I like that 30 Rock's guest spots are so varied, with people like Jennifer Aniston having a large role in an entire episode to Oprah's awesome product-of-hallucination guest spot, to Gladys Knight's quick spot in season 2 (where they kept referencing her on and on throughout the episode and you started to wonder if you were really going to see her and she pops in for a moment at the very end...of course that could have just been because that was all that time allowed, but it still worked pretty well).

  • Julie Miller says:

    I liked it too but wished that she would have appeared during the Jimmy Fallon-Tracy scene...maybe by trying to complete the 'Rule of Threes' by taking a crowbar to Tracy Tonya Harding-style. But yes, Betty White is great in anything she does, even if it is a small cameo.

  • Weird coincidence: Betty White will be appearing on As The World Turns soon, reprising a role she's done from time to time previously. I think we have our confirmation for the "James Franco is gay" rumors; the man is patterning his career on one of the Golden Girls!