Buzz Break: V For Volume


· Here's Natalie Portman poking out of the letter with which she's best associated. (Just ask Zach Galifianakis.) Inside, she explains that famous no-nudity clause: "I'm not opposed to sexuality or nudity in a film, but I'm very opposed to pornography sites and you're pretty much giving them material if you do any of that." Take that, meat-eating internet-porn-trawling rapists!

· Kristen Stewart says her nickname for Robert Pattinson is Flippy, because he is severely unathletic: "He can barely jump rope...and god, when he tries to run!" At that point Taylor Lautner did a running hand spring into the interview, stuck the landing, flexed his abs and asked if anyone wanted a bite of his MET-Rx bar.

· Sofia Vergara, the actress who plays Ed O'Neill's Colombian hot tamale of a wife on Modern Family, often gets accused of having created a crass Latina stereotype. Newsflash: that's her actual voice.

· Wow. A gadget site blog post about Shane Hurlbut that makes no mention of Christian Bale's Terminator: Salvation tantrum.

· Ex-NFLer Bob Whitfield, the poor sucker whose earnings now fund the must-not-have fashions of She by Sheree, went off on his Real Housewives of Atlanta star ex: "I'm feeling like I'm the mad scientist and I created Frankenstein. She didn't have that nose; I put that nose on her! She didn't have them breasts, I put them breasts on her. I put some electricity on that ass and now she's sparked up and tearing up the got damn laboratory. What the f*ck? You forget who made you girl!"


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