The One-Page Screenplay: David Wain's Queen Anne's Lace


You're busy, you've got eighty-three calls to return, and your second assistant is late with your Apple Tea Latte from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Gower. (It has to be the Gower location. You can't go back to the one on La Brea ever since you ruthlessly poached your barista's pitch for a big-screen Teddy Ruxpin.) With so little time in your day, has anything ever seemed more appealing than Movieline's One-Page Screenplay project? Finally, a bite-sized task that won't siphon time away from your already harried development hell.

Today's One-Page Screenplay was contributed by comedic renaissance man David Wain, whose "best known for" can comprise any number of credits, depending on who you're talking to. There's his participation in seminal sketch comedy troupe The State, his shorts like Wainy Days and Stella (the latter of which became a Comedy Central series), or the films he's directed, including Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models. David's One-Page Screenplay contribution is entitled Queen Anne's Lace. Enjoy!

The One-Page Screenplay:


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