Owen Wilson Reaches the Promised Land of Marmaduke


· Owen Wilson will return to Marley and Me territory while voicing the title character in Marmaduke, a live-action/CGI adaptation of the one-panel comic strip about everybody's favorite mischievous Great Dane. Thankfully, this is one logline that's not under wraps: "[The script] sees Marmaduke navigate a volatile Mutts vs. Pedigrees turf war, woo the purebred of his dreams and overcome a fall from grace." Sounds heavy! Get your "THE DOG DIES" spoiler graffiti ready just in case. [THR]

George Clooney follows Alexander Payne on a quest, some up-and-coming talent catches a few breaks, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Alexander Payne is close to attaching George Clooney to The Descendants, his previously announced dramedy about a man who rounds up his daughters on a Hawaiian road trip in search of his wife's lover. His goal: To keep his family together. It doesn't make any sense to me, either, but what's the phrase? Take the extended trip to Hawaii on Fox Searchlight's tab first, and ask questions later? Something like that. [Variety]

· Derek Martini, whose nifty indie feature debut Lymelife found influential supporters in Martin Scorsese and co-star Alec Baldwin, has matriculated at Paramount with his next project, I Am My Family's Secret. [Variety]

· United States of Tara co-star Keir Gilchrist has secured the lead in It's Kind of a Funny Story, the adaptation of the 2006 novel about a 16-year-old who checks himself into a psychiatric facility as a means of straightening out his life. Half Nelson braintrust Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden will write and direct; we'll just go ahead and hold Gilchrist's spot on the Verge until sometime late next year, probably around a Toronto Film Festival premiere date. [THR]

· ICM has packaged Jim Belushi, Diane English and Barry Levinson as the unlikely team behind a courtroom drama based on Mickey Sherman, the TV commentator and former public defender. Yes, friends, this is what it looks like when agencies get dressed in the dark. [Variety]