Buzz Break: Up From the Past


· Just in case Pixar's original marketing for Up just wasn't high-concept, arty or sophisticated enough for you, a collection of designers revised a few of the film's components for a retro-style campaign. If they can ever figure out what it means, those Pixar-averse Academy blue-hairs will love it!

· Vincent Kartheiser acknowledged that he cried at his Mad Men co-stars Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks' recent weddings. Ouch. That'll ding Pete Campbell in next week's final Power Rankings.

· So about those Adrian Pasdar-leaving-Heroes rumors: Don't click here if you want to know whether or not they're true.

· Kathy Griffin will host ABC's new show Let's Dance, in which celebrities will team to comically recreate famous dance sequences from movies, TV and music videos. Joan Rivers in Flashdance is literally the first idea that came to mind for me. Sure, I'd watch that.

· Jeremy Piven says he gave up soya milk because he heard it would make him grow breasts. That is all.