And Introducing James Franco as General Hospital's 'Franco'


Here's your first look at James Franco as Franco, the role he's set to start playing (for personal, performance-art reasons) on long-running daytime drama General Hospital beginning Nov. 20th. Here's what we can deduce after several minutes of intense observation:

· He's dressed all in black. This suggests he harbors dark secrets.

· He's emerging from a room of some sort. Possibly a room at General Hospital, hinting at potential illness.

· He's looking at something. This means: a) Franco probably isn't blind, and b) Franco is in Port Charles to see someone or something.

· Franco shows neither excitement nor sadness in this picture. Clinicians refer to this state as "sexy catatonia."

· First Look: James Franco on General Hospital! [SoapNet]


  • stolidog says:

    Franco the Libertine, now available in Port Charles.

  • happygolucky says:

    This photo screams possibilities: FranSam, FranLiz, FranRob, FranMax . . . .

  • BasicSand says:

    I think the all-black ensemble means that he's involved in crime which my guess involves either gangsters or international espionage, both of which General Hospital has been known for. Seriously, I doubt that his role will be anything medical since I don't see him being cast a sexy superstar doctor of miracles or a noble suffering victim/patient with some terminal illness.

  • The spy stuff is long gone from GH. Actually, the hospital is long gone from GH; it's all-mob, all the time, baby! Because misogynist hitmen are the REAL heroes.

  • Daft Clown says:

    Looks like he'll walk the line.

  • jasonelias says:

    What did Franco do? Going on that show at this point is pretty much punishment.

  • barb says:

    He looks like the evil new cassadine that Helena warned them.

  • Dianna Trent says:

    WHATEVER his role he looks devestatingly handsome here!!!

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