Twilight: Eclipse's Kirsten Prout On Being Recognized For a Movie That Hasn't Been Released


Kirsten Prout starred in the popular ABC Family series Kyle XY for its entire three-season run, but she's already garnering attention for a movie that won't see release for another eight months. Twilight: Eclipse is the third installment in the vampire series, and though only just finished shooting, Prout talks to Movieline about the film's already-noticeable effects on her everyday life.

After fording a field of flashbulbs at last night's Gen Art fashion show in Los Angeles, Prout explained to Movieline that she's ready to court the mania of Twilight -- especially since it's already begun.

"I'm relatively ready. I try not to read the messageboards," she said. "I get e-mails about them from my friends, some strange, strange stuff. I was at the GAP the other day, and there was a teller who literally was like, 'You're Lucy in Twilight.' I can't believe the fan base is so big and underground that people would recognize me from a movie that

didn't come out. I said 'thank you' and started blushing."

The feeling of recognition isn't entirely foreign to Prout. She's mingled with the fanboy/fangirl underworld before.

"I got a taste of it when I was 13, and I was in Elektra. But coming onto Twilight? It's a different kind of magnitude," she explained, noting the gallery of still-firing photographers. "People usually recognize me from Kyle."

Before stepping in to watch the night's big fashion exhibition, Prout made one final note. "I hope one day I'll get used to this."