The Dragon Whisperer

Picture 23.png

· That's Jay Baruchel voicing the strange-sounding lead character in DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon, yet another trailer that could have benefited from a hefty edit. (Fun fact: Dragons are lizards! Apparently. At least according to Jay Baruchel.)

· How to Train Your Drag Queen: Heidi Klum in her Halloween outfit, Exxon Valdez victim. (I think?)

· Remember Joss Whedon's unfunny open plea to purchase the rights to Terminator for $10,000? He explains: "It's mostly, it's just me being a dumb-ass, because that seems to be what I do best -- I'm not even very good at that." But isn't writing well supposed to be something he's good at? Like, the main thing?

· Here's a few more DirecTV ads starring dead people who don't know they're pimping DirecTV. Jesus, fine -- but Heath's The Joker?! Have you no shame, satellite cable people? It's like you kissed it away in a deal with the Devil that also cost you that other "T."