Katie Holmes Joins Romantics Bridal Party


· Katie Holmes has taken on an almost shocking amount of projects for the next year, adding the indie ensemble dramedy The Romantics to her slate for 2011. That makes three films in the works for Tom Cruise's war bride, who coincidentally wlll play a bridesmaid to Anna Paquin's bride-to-be. Holmes replaces Liv Tyler in a cast that includes Josh Duhamel, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody and Jeremy Strong as a gang of college friends who reunite for Paquin's nuptials. So basically The Big Chill with a wedding where the funeral goes. Same difference. [Variety]

Julia Roberts buys a whole Neighborhood, Morgan Freeman plays wingman, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Julia Roberts's production company Red Om Films picked up the rights to the nonfiction book In the Neighborhood, about one man's attempt to bring his suburban community closer together by sleeping over at various neighbors' homes. It's a perfect fit, really; as evidenced by her recent Indian exploits, nobody brings people -- particularly angry people -- together quite like Julia Roberts. [Variety]

· Warner Bros. has picked up The Comedy Formerly Known as Dirty Old Men as a potential reunion vehicle for Bucket List co-stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The latter actor is already attached as the wingman of an old playboy who claims to have met the love of his life; Freeman's character attempts to preserve the buddies' lifestyle by breaking the couple up. Nicholson reportedly "is aware" of the project but is not signed up, which I guess is one of those rare things we can now all have in common with him. [THR]

· Former DreamWorks executive Marc Haimes sold his second screenplay in seven months, this time offloading the family thriller-comedy Jitters to his old pals at Paramount. [THR]

· You may have heard that Crank/Gamer masterminds Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor want to someday make a movie on their mobile phones. Odds are that their newly minted, low-budget NBC series Zeroes -- about the chaos of the final minutes of a crisis situation -- will probably provide plenty of test runs for just that. [THR]