Foster Mother


Once upon a time, we wondered if Annette Bening's raved-about turn in Rodrigo Garcia's TIFF hit Mother and Child might set her up for another Best Actress rematch with Hilary Swank at the Oscars. However, that was before Amelia crash-landed on a deserted, critically reviled island, and before Mother actually received a studio pickup. Today, though, Sony Pictures Classics announced that they'll be distributing Mother, and Movieline can confirm it's headed for a 2010 release. Of course, that's the year Swank is coming out with her true-life legal drama Betty Anne Waters...


  • MaJean says:

    Too bad Bening, this may have been your last year to win an Oscar. The race is filled with young newbies and a light Streep comedy. You're not getting any younger and Swank doesn't put out bad movies that often. Oh Well.