Gov. Schwarzenegger Embeds F-Bomb In Assembly Bill Veto


At a recent San Francisco Democratic fundraiser, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up unannounced, only to be greeted by a chorus of heckles and boos, plus at least one invitation to "kiss my gay ass" -- that last sentiment coming from State Assemblyman/instant folk hero Tom Ammiano. (Schwarzenegger's veto-happy record, particularly of a bill that would make Harvey Milk's birthday a day of significance, has rendered him something of a pariah in the greater Castro St. area.) Professional thespian that he is, Arnie retained his composure, joking later that the reception was no more hostile than the one he got from the Kennedys upon announcing his engagement to Maria Shriver. But a Governator never forgets.

A strangely worded letter striking down Ammiano's proposed bill AB 1176, a fairly innocuous motion to fund the Port of San Francisco, was sent from the Schwarzenegger's office to Ammiano and his fellow legislators yesterday.


Taking the first letter of the words running down the left margin, we get the following, embedded message:

F U C K Y O U.

What an October it's been in the history of Hollywood's great epistolary kiss-offs: First we get Paul Haggis's searing indictment of Scientology, now this encryption masterpiece. (Come to think of it -- did anyone bother to analyze Haggis' letter for embedded messages? Perhaps if you circle every 13th letter, you get "THIS IS FOR TOM CRUISE PASSING ON 'THE NEXT THREE DAYS.'")

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  • Emperor Joshua Norton says:

    And here I thought he was just an uneducated overly famous person who worked his whole life to be in the backroom smoking cigars and is Pete Stark's puppet buttmonkey mouthpiece.
    I didn't know he could do Anagramz!!!!
    We Californians are lucky I tell you.