Kirstie Alley Has a Little Something to Say About Paul Haggis

One of the most interesting things about the fallout from Paul Haggis's blistering Scientology kiss-off is how quiet it's been. Haggis has issued no further statement, and the church hasn't gone to great lengths to rebut him. Even Kirstie Alley, who occasionally addresses Scientology in her frequent Twitter posts, appeared to go into radio silence for a little while. Never fear, though: Alley is back up and ready to take this issue on! Well, mostly.

The Haggis claim Alley seeks to dispel isn't about "disconnection" or the church's misuse of private information, and indeed, she never references Haggis directly, but over the course of the last fifteen hours, she's taken issue with the main concern that led Haggis on his eye-opening journey: the San Diego church of Scientology's alleged support of the anti-gay Proposition 8.

"NOT true my church supported prop 8 ... My church advocates human and civil rights for ALL and does not take political stands," Alley Tweeted. "I do NOT support prop 8 ... I believe people should marry whomever they want... It is a human rights issue."

Still, Alley's followers kept pressing her on the issue until she felt the need to explain further: "OK..ONE more time..and FOR THE RECORD..the Church of SCN. does NOT USE ANY $ TO support PROP 8 or NOT support PROP 8. PROPS R'nt US." She added, "just so you wasn't even the San Diego's church who supported was one lone idiot who put his name on a list and BAM."

Are you all satisfied? Can we just agree to air our differences over a ROOT BEER FLOAT AT SONIC RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN? You know, like gentlemen.

Kirstie Alley [Twitter]


  • SunnydaZe says:

    I have it on good authority that I just pooed my pants.

  • Jarrod says:

    Despite Ms. Alley's comments, it's worth mentioning that Haggis had an issue with Tommy Davis because (as the mouthpiece for the Church of Scientology) he had failed to condemn the apparent homophobic and bigoted support Prop. 8 had garnered in San Diego. Whether or not it was an entire church, a large group or one angry Scientologist with a placard: Davis failed to condemn the bigotry which he claims the church so vehemently opposes and even at the most basic level, he failed to condemn the APPEARANCE of bigotry. Davis is an embarrassment to the church, they could do well to spend their millions on hiring a decent PR guru.

  • Jen says:

    Homophobia is at the very core of L Ron's teachings. One only has to stop briefly at the Wikipedia page entitled LGBT Topics and Scientology to get an introduction to the issue.
    Hubbard included homosexuality as one sexual perversion; the pervert "is actually quite ill physically... he is very far from culpable for his condition, but he is also far from normal and extremely dangerous to society." Subversion, covert hostility, derangement, pollution... L Ron made a hell of a poison word salad.
    The support for Prop 8 is only the tip of the iceberg. Kirstie Alley is delusional and anyone who listens to her Twitter instead of Google U 101, is a newt. Congratulations Oprah for booking this woman for yet another Scientology fawn-fest.

  • Zibignu Fresh says:

    Indeed, the part about DISCONNECTION and use of the term THE ADULTERESS to smear a former member who had confessed to something extraordinarily minor in a private confessional is the part that is relevant to Kirstie. On top of that, yer holy midget leader, Davis Miscavige, is violent, and beats his staff. Has actually punched people, spits on them, and has even knocked people's heads together. All this to keep fighting Xenu?
    What are you Kirstie? A "religion" or 8 million stooges?
    I guess Kirstie's time TWEETING, is less time she spends melting butter over twinkies.
    Let's get Haggis on the next Oprah with Kirstie, so they can discuss everything about Celebrity Sciloontology.

  • Louanne says:

    I think you WANT Scientology to be anti-gay. For having some minority to bash on. Otherwise your spin does not make sense. Scientology couldn't care less if you share your bed with another woman or man. Ask a Scientologist.
    Or read up on it:
    Is Scientology against homosexuality? Are there gay Scientologists?
    There was some early writings that appeared to be "anti-gay", stating that homosexuality was covertly hostile. But one must look at that in the context of the times. In the 1940s – 1950s most people in western countries did consider homosexuality to be a mental or even physical illness.
    I do not have any knowledge or evidence of anti-homosexual actions taken by the church at any point, other than the few writings on the subject. It was pretty much left alone for many years.
    Then in 1967 Hubbard issued a policy which reads, in part, "It has never been any part of my plans to regulate or to attempt to regulate the private lives of individuals. Whenever this has occurred, it has not resulted in any improved condition…
    Therefore all former rules, regulations and polices relating to the sexual activities of Scientologists are canceled."
    Hubbard later released a book about ethical behavior that was silent on the subject of homosexuality, and offered a gender-neutral ethical guidelines about being faithful to one's partner and avoiding promiscuity.
    The Church of Scientology is a leading proponent for human rights for all people of earth as can be seen by their campaigns with Youth for Human Rights and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.
    In October 2009 a spokesperson of the Church of Scientology International put it this way:
    "The church supports civil rights for everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, race, color or creed. We are a minority, too; we understand what it’s like to be persecuted, so to the extent that anything prohibits or inhibits on civil rights, we don’t agree with it.” (MSNBC, 28 October 2009)
    (this is from scientologymyths dot info)

  • Mary McConnell says:

    She is so full of baloney. I remember seeing the Scientology on the list and it was there for a while. Anyway.
    If this is mediation and she is the mediator, make that a diet Root Beer Float...

  • stolidog says:

    Do you rape babies?

  • Michael says:

    I've read DIANETICS.. the basis of scientology.. and it CLEARL states that Homosexuality is something that needs to be CURED during the Clearing process.
    Simple as that..
    There are SEVERAL leading men in Hollywood who are gay... and scientologist.. and I know for a fact that the church has paid MILLIONS to people who have had "proof" that they'd slept with several of them.
    Overtly or not.. The Church of Scientology is against homosexuals... or at least anyone giving them a ton of money coming out and costing them revenue

  • Tobicoast says:

    I think Tommy Cruise is one of those gay guys.

  • jackson5 says:

    OK Kirsty,
    Your church has the ability to do marriages and has control in areas where gay marriage is allowed, so lets see your church do a gay marriage!!!!

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