Meet The Woman Forced Out of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


At the age of 23, Jordan Reid had spent a year developing and co-starring in one of the most storied television pilots in recent history. The original It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode was shot guerrilla style in her apartment for an estimated $85 and picked up by FX. Reid starred as the first Sweet Dee, next to her boyfriend and Sunny creator Rob McElhenney, and friends Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day. A rare Hollywood success story -- until Reid broke up with McElhenney and she was promptly forced out of the series altogether.

Reid, who is now married to Kendrick Strauch of The Harlem Shakes, opened up about the series of events leading to her Sunny exit for the first time publicly on her blog today.

As she tells the story, after FX agreed to shoot "a real pilot for the show," the four main actors called an impromptu meeting in a production trailer to ensure that everyone was on the same page when it came to the possibility of the network wanting to replace any of the original actors: "Together, we four agreed that they took all of us...or none of us. We were in this thing together -- had been for over a year now -- and we simply wouldn't allow them to split us up."

Around that same, Reid's relationship with Rob began to fall apart and the three guys (Rob, Glenn and Charlie) were made executive producers. Assuming that it was because "FX felt like a cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking old boys' club," Reid decided not to say anything because she was young and intimidated by the network. As her relationship continued to crumble, she was told by Rob, "in no uncertain terms that if I did not stay in the relationship, I would be off the show." Choosing to chalk the statement up to hurt feelings, Reid believed that she could not possibly be fired since she spent a year working on the show and had "been so instrumental in its success."

A few months later, she was told by her agent and manager that the network decided to drop her for being "too pretty." Reid received "a small payout," and Kaitlin Olson was recast as Sweet Dee who went on to marry McElhenney last year.


  • theescapist says:

    Amy no like bad guerillas.

  • Colander says:

    Didn't see 'Non Society' coming.

  • Daft Clown says:

    "Too pretty?" Well she is, but if that is criteria for termination than Rob should be fired as well.

  • Ben says:

    Wow. That is incredibly fucked up.
    I hope we get a response to this story. This kind of thing leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

  • Christopher says:

    Does she have any projects coming out? It seems odd we haven't heard any of this until now. Cynical, I know, but it's Hollywood.
    If it's true, it's sort of a shame because I would hate to have one of my favorite shows tainted by misogynist leanings backstage, but to be honest I can kind of see why a person and their two friends wouldn't necessarily want to give up their big break in order to keep the ex around. It would be very awkward, and not everyone can be all "Fleetwood Mac" about performing with that baggage.
    Then again, you mentioned the crucial fact that Mac went on to marry Kaitlin (a nice jab by her managment, by the way, since apparently Kaitlin's just "not pretty" enough to be cast). There's something odd in that dynamic, but I guess he's not the only actor to ever get involved with his costars, is he?
    I'd just like to close by saying I'm glad she dumped Mac/he dumped her/she got the boot, because Kaitlin is my favorite on that show (it's a tight race), but her delivery goes beyond comic brilliance. "Would you even know if you werrrrrreeee, though?!?"

  • Colander says:

    Yeah, there's obviously another side to this (even if the facts are the same, Mac's version will probably 'feel' different), but I think they hit the jackpot with the Sweet Dee they have. Who knows what Mac's relationship with Jordan looked like to the people around them...

  • frank says:

    wow. don't care, don't care, don't care.

  • Claire-Anne says:

    She's a dumb bitch and I'm a woman saying that! Stay with the schmuck for just a little while more and get what's yours. She's an idiot for ending the relationship. Anyone can deal with a douchebag for the right price.

  • tim says:

    really doubt she was "so instrumental in its success."

  • Daft Clown says:

    Yeah, just ask your husband.

  • Ben says:

    I think you mean her pimp.

  • Matt says:

    Who wrote this: her mom, lawyer, or publicist?!
    She's clearly bitter 'cause the show's a hit and she's a nobody (doesn't even have an imdb page). Besides, Kaitlyn is a highly trained comedic actress - I doubt this girl's anywhere as good as her. If she were, I would have heard of her before reading this!

  • Big One says:

    Mac got tired of banging her, left her, and now she's trying to make it out like she was part of what made the show great. Sorry lady, you were just another chick that got tossed away when you got to big for your britches. Take a walk bitch, ho's like you are what make mens lives terrible. You weren't funny or cool or even likeable and FX booted your ass before it was to late. I'll bet money that Mac dumped her to begin with. Fuckin bitch.

  • Ego Sentric says:

    Yeah, this story smacks of lies. This girl is trying to ride the coat tails of somebody elses success. Gotta agree with Big One here. Did she really have to take the subtle jab at Kaitlin Olsens looks too. I mean, she was just "too pretty" to be Sweet Dee, so what does that make Kaitlin? Oh I know, the girl that's doing her ex and making big money on a popular sitcom (ie; everything this nobody wants to be). She's worse than a has been, she's a never was. Makes me sick to my stomach. Keep this shit to yourself you jealous ho bag.

  • Calm or Nothing says:

    Wow. Easy, fellas. I'm sure there's truth to each side, but, come on, if she were THAT bitter, she could have had this article written 4 years ago- I'd hardly say she's "jumping on the success bandwagon"- show's been out for 5 seasons already. Use your head instead of your dirty mouth. Have your opinion, but lay off the "bitch" and "ho" talk-- who the hell are YOU? I'm sure even your Sunny idols would disapprove of that talk, especially about someone who used to be their friend.'d probably nnever be able to land a girl as pretty as that Jordan gal!

  • Travis Golden says:

    I've done research on this girl now, I read her original article, and have visited her website. I truly believe she is self-righteous and a she seems a bit self-entitled. Just listen to how she talks people, she says things like "I was so instrumental to the show". That sounds really conceited for anyone to say, if I heard Charlie Day say this (whom plays a character on the show today), I would think the same thing. Read her full article, the story is obviously one-sided as hell. I'm sure there is honesty in it, but she isn't giving the full picture. She seems to think the show was centered around her, this is a paraphrase but she says something along the lines of: "the show quickly shifted from being centered around me" and she also said, "the pilot had aspects of my life". This woman clearly thinks it's all about her. The website she is the editor for, has press quotes that praise herself. I don't know, she just seems phony to me.

    • Dear Travis says:

      >"Just listen to how she talks people, she says things like "I was so instrumental to the show". That sounds really conceited for anyone to say, if I heard Charlie Day say this (whom plays a character on the show today), I would think the same thing."

  • Will says:

    You've really imesprsed me with that answer!

  • nachokingp says:

    She couldn't have been too "instrumental" because the show has been wildly successful without her. Sounds to me like she's trying to get her 15 minutes.

  • Sloppy Tuna says:

    There was more Backstory to this situation -Rob and this lady dated before they even got to LA -had broken up and when she ended up in LA she "looked him up" because she didn't know anybody (imho she USED him because he already had settled there and was doing the rounds so to speak) she had VERY LITTLE to do with the actual development of the sweet dee we have all come to know and love -in fact Kaitlyn Olsen was integral in making sure that "see" wasn't just "the girl" or voice of reason -and it wasn't until season 2 (after Olsen had the part ) that the guys followed HER advice and just wrote another funny character and let her put a female spin on it. Ribs ex sounds like she's still bitter over something that happened ages ago-and she needs to get over it and just live her life and move on.

  • Cholo says:

    Rob Mcelhenney had his fair share of bad experience in the industry as well. He had a small part in the movie Devil's Own and brought his family to see it in a cinema a year later only to find out that his part had been cut. Same case happened with the Wonder boys. Also his first script was optioned by Paul Schrader and he had to spent the next year rewriting the script only to have it abandoned by Paul Schrader. I don't see why everything has to be about sexism? Always have to play the gender card. This thing happens to everybody.

  • Biff says:

    I've watched her videos on Youtube and it's pretty clear that she simply is not funny. Break up with Rob or not, the network made the right decision. She has not worked as an actor since that time and it's pretty clear why.