Tracy Morgan Openly Weeps On Public Radio, Also Big Fan of Anal Sex: AUDIO


Terry Gross's interview with Tracy Morgan on Fresh Air today is something of a must-listen (download it here) for anyone who counts themselves a fan of the R2D2-bepenised 30 Rock star. Gross starts the interview guardedly, scared even, of what clothes-shedding antics or uncensored non sequiturs would come tumbling out of Morgan's mind. Instead, Morgan comes in mildly miffed, grinding his axe over the recent media attention paid to swipes he made against former SNL co-stars Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri in his new memoir I Am the New Black.

Gross, a deft conversationalist, responded by poking cautiously at her erratic subject, quickly shifting the topic to Morgan's troubled past. The results shocked even her, as Morgan literally breaks down on the air talking about his relationship with his estranged mother, and then again a little bit later in describing being caretaker for his father as he succumbed to AIDS.

After expressing surprise at how easily and sincerely he connected with his emotions, Morgan then credits Gross: "You're seeing the other side. Because you're interested. I love you for that, Terry. I love you just for that." Before she gets too swollen a head, however, it's worth pointing out Morgan similarly broke down in the current issue of Playboy when describing his relationship with Lorne Michaels. He then lightened the mood by talking about how much he loves assholes: "I like fucking ass! Ain't nothin' like the butthole. The ass is a delicacy, goddamn it. I'd put hot sauce on it."

The Fresh Air clips:


  • NP says:

    Sad. I hope he will reconcile with his mom.

  • Mikey says:

    I awaited with bated breath how Chris Kattan will respond when he sits down with Ira Glass on the next This American Life.

  • crystal says:

    He 's not all...his jokes are gross and sad...too desperate to get people to laugh..seems hostile and depressed

  • Daft Clown says:

    What a golden opportunity for Tabasco here. Instead of a barbershop quartet of pepperoni slices singing the praises of being doused with that fiery flavoring whilst atop a glistening, hot slice of pizza- we could bear witness to Tracy's forbidden fetish.
    An intimate one on one with a thirsty bootyhole about to be smothered in that tangy Tabasco topping. That ass will barely have time to serenade us with that catchy jingle, "So much more than hot" before Tracy gives it the business.

  • Ole "BOB" says:

    What a sorry interview.
    Being an out right Vulgar Pervert seems to be a style that some people find AN ATTRACTION to wallow in. HOW-EVER --- only for a Lifetime. --- and THEN --- (it ain't over yet) Eternity is just the beginning --- Prepared or Unprepared.
    God does not judge on an accumulation of "OPINIONS" but from the facts He already set in place. The stupidity of the false belief that we can violate God's laws without consequence is about the same as believing you can breathe only water for a day and stay alive.
    Very DUMB. --- "Believe it or not --- Mr Ripley"

  • God's Law says:

    Ole "Bob": Screw you and your "God".