Jay Leno Show Now Falling Behind Cable Shows in Ratings


Things are so brutal out there for The Jay Leno Show that even the First Lady for it may not be able to work a miracle -- and they just got a little worse. While Leno is routinely beaten in the ratings by 10pm shows on the other big networks, it fell behind another scripted drama on Tuesday, and this one was on cable.

In the all-important 18-49 demographic, Leno was crushed by FX's Sons of Anarchy, which drew 3.7 million viewers and a 2.05 rating to Leno's 1.8. Somewhere, the cast and crew of the potentially cable-bound Southland are no doubt enjoying a delicious, steaming bowl of schadenfreude.

Leno also hit its Monday low this week, begging the question: Can the series expect to enjoy any sort of ratings turnaround, or will NBC stick with Leno until the summer, when it may finally have an advantage against repeats on the other broadcast networks? It may be time to break out the big guns, Jay. Place a call to Meredith Baxter Birney and start working out the terms of her debasement.

FX's 'Anarchy' beats Leno, 'Forgotten' [THR]


  • NoWireHangers says:

    Yeah, but isn't Jay hot with the Matlock demographic? That's gonna count for something.

  • There's only one natural solution: Jay needs to incorporate the defunct American Gladiators set into the show's onslaught of product integration. That'll get the kids watching! (If they're not too distracated by wrestling. Or Top Chef).

  • stretch65 says:

    Hot steamy gang rapes - OR LENO...which would YOU CHOOSE

  • Jim says:

    Why is anyone surprised by this? This was most likely the worst idea that NBC ever has had. The Edsel was probably more marketable.

  • Frank in Michgan says:

    He needs to go back to doing what he did at 11:30. Good monologue with a slower pace (he seems to rush through it, not even allowing time for laughing), come back from break with a good skit (don't push it to the end), get rid of the stupid 10 at 10, get rid of all these dumb, unfunny 'new' comedians, and then do some decent interviews (without dumb races, challenges, etc to see a movie clip). PLUS, lets put some jump back into the music -- get rid of that lame opening melody, and the headline intro. In fact, he should expand the best skits to more days -- headlines 2X/week, pumpcast weekly, jay walking 2X/week and 99c store stuff weekly. Get rid of a guest if more time is needed -- most people watching him likes the funny stuff, not the people. He has to get moving or he will be moved to the unemployment line...

  • Cheryl says:

    I agree with you Frank! I tune into NBC around 10:55 to watch the final segment which is usually the best part of the show. I also feel akward when celebrities come onto the show sitting on chairs with no desk? It makes me feel...weird...like it works for Ellen and Oprah but, not Leno! I also think that some of those "Comedians" are dumb! Not funny and I usually turn the station to a 10pm news program....Fix it Leno!

  • Lesley says:

    It's high time for Leno's legal team to get him released from his ridiculous NBC contract and resume talks with ABC. This whole debacle is partly Leno's fault; his loyalty to NBC was not exactly in the best interests of his career. Zucker was the only one who benefited; he kept Leno from defecting to ABC and totally making Conan "I Really Suck" O'Brien a non-factor in the late night wars.

  • Jombi Labman says:

    That is what I noticed. He seems to be very rushed. The pacing is just a little off. He should "chillax" and be himself. Personally, I'd rather see him spend a few more minutes on his monologue.

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