Did the Mayans Warn Us That Adam Lambert's 2012 Video Would Leak Today?


The end of the world is on its way, heralded by four horsemen: disaster porn auteur Roland Emmerich, paycheck-cashing actor John Cusack, a just-happy-to-be-there Amanda Peet, and Adam Lambert. In the meantime, the latter's music video for Emmerich's 2012 sprung up today, and it reveals several glimpses of Emmerich's apocalyptic free-for-all. Spoilery glimpses, in fact -- and not just on the level of "Which vehicle is going to outrun which collapsing city?"

In between shots of Lambert making so, so many cry faces while lip-synching his new ballad, "Time for Aerosmith Miracles," we get a look at the narrative spine of Emmerich's 2012. First revelation: It has one! Second revelation: Waaaait just a second. I thought this movie was about the end of the world, not, like, a near-end of the world that concludes with everyone hanging out and appreciating their families more during a great sunset. The Mayans didn't write a new calendar that picks up a few months after 2012 and starts from there -- they invented a calendar that presages John Cusack's futile attempt to ride a unicycle away from earth's molten core as the planet collapses inward on itself, creating a black hole. Baby, it's time for rewrites.


  • DON COOPER says:

    People need to stop being brainwashed by the media and stories like this one. I choose what I like as far as music goes. I will not let Billboard Magazine, radio and American Idol "tell" me what I should like like the majority of people do now.

  • MurasakiTurtle says:

    Don, you are one weird cat. At no point does this blog post suggest that you should listen to this song, or even that this song is any GOOD. It's actually more about the movie 2012.
    You cut and pasted your comment from Youtube, didn't you? I know you did!

  • CiscoMan says:

    I just waited 4 minutes for a wonderfully ham-fisted callout to "2012" in the lyrics that never came. I love it when the chintzy movie songs shove the film's title in somewhere. Alas.
    @Don Cooper - Not that I disagree with you, but the mass voting premise of American Idol means that, in fact, the people tell Idol what they like.

  • Kerry says:

    I love the song. Adam has amazing vocals and is movie star handsome. It is annoying when writers like you dismiss Adam’s talent when people in the music industry are in awe of him. "Lip-synching"is not something Adam has to do. Most people like to bring it up for negative reasons, but remember, Adam is theater trained, he can deliver powerful vocals night after night without Auto Tune. Just listen to Adam's "Is Anybody Listening" or "Brigadoon" and then tell me if he needs to lip sync. Anyone who denies that Adam is an extraordinary singer is just not being honest. Just because Adam used a cheesy reality show to showcase his abilities does not mean that he should be judged by the Idol standard. He is so much more. You are making yourself look foolish by not recognizing real talent. This movie is entertainment, not a history lesson. I am going to see it because of Adam.

  • edam says:

    No comment on the movie, but Adam Lambert has the most unbelievable vocals I've EVER heard!

  • Bruce Bishop says:

    Wow, you are a strange writer. Like many others, it's just a movie and a song. What is important is that the song brings out emotions, spirit, passion, and the feeling of being in love. What do you want?? Get off your bandwagon, get a life, and start enjoying it.

  • DB says:

    You were disapponted by a disaster movie's ending? Do you think you are a serious film critic? Have you ever heard of Pauline Kael and her ilk?
    Perhaps you thought you were watching a History Channel documentary on the Mayan calendar?
    Adam neither wrote the ballad nor directed the video, so whatever. And did you expect him not to lip-synch in a VIDEO? You are grasping to find ways to criticize him, because that implied slam is aimply bizarre.
    But don't pretend he doesn't have a stunning voice. NAME another male Pop singer today (not 20 years ago) who could match him.
    If you name any other American Idol contestant ever you will lose your last shred of credibility.

  • Kate says:

    This isn't really about the Mayans so, this biased review from watching the music video is a very silly attempt to be cute. It's just a MOVIE. No one knows, not even todays Mayans know why their calendar ended on 12/21/12. It's all just speculation.
    How can you review a movie just by watching a music video? No credible reviewer would attempt to do that.
    Regardless whether the movie is a success, Adam Lambert signs the hell out of that song.

  • flee says:

    I think Adam is wearing a wig

  • Leigh says:

    What a dopey review.

  • cherc says:

    Love Adam's vocals. Amazing singer.

  • jmkick says:

    ummm... kerry, perhaps you are unclear on how music videos are made. first, adam goes into the studio and records a track. there are no burning astroids falling from the sky while he does that. then, after the track is recorded, he goes and stands in front of a green screen and they video tape him "singing" the song over and over again until they have the footage they need. Depending on how good he is at making faces that look like he is in excrutiating pain, this may take many takes. If Adam knows what is good for him (which I question, based on the man's excessive use of eyeliner) he will rest those impressive pipes and only pretend to sing (aka lipsync) while being jostled by those fleeing the apocalypse.
    so, in short, nobody is saying adam lambert cant sing... they're just saying you're not seeing pictures of him singing when you watch a music video.

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