When Werewolves Go Wrong: 9 Awkward Images From the First New Moon Clip

The first official clip from New Moon premiered Monday on Entertainment Tonight. Entitled "Jacob's Transformation" and running a lean 53 seconds, only about half of its material is new; if you've seen Taylor Lautner's midair wolfcake morph once, you've seen it a hundred times. Unless, that is, you watch it and his lupine nemesis in hi-def on iTunes, in which case you might start to see it as a comedy. Read on for a closer look.

There's not a lot of context to go on plot-wise, except that Jacob will never get into Bella's pants if the angry werewolf in his front yard devours her. You have to hand it to Kristen Stewart, who's trying as hard as she can -- or at least harder than the visual effects team that inadvertently inserted a taxidermied-bear-stage into the transition between man and beast. See below; the complete clip is on page 2. Who's excited?

· New Moon clip [iTunes]






Find Lautner's underwhelming transformation on page 2.

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  • Someone on the effects crew is Team Edward all the way!

  • np says:

    Yeah it's kind of ridiculous, but damn those werewolf guys are hot.

  • Yeah....thatss juss a weeeeee bit LAME!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy III says:

    Nice poochie poochie....maybe I have a Milkbone here for you in my pocket

  • SunnydaZe says:

    The dude who turns into the first werewolf has an acting technique which screams, "Need... More... Fiber... in Diet!"

  • SarahG says:

    In the book it is noted that Jacob has an easier time transitioning into a wolf than the other pack members. Thats why it takes longer for Paul to become a wolf than Jacob.

  • Dalovely says:

    To be honest what exactly is the complaint here? Who is the audience will be watching Jacob's transformation frame by frame. Only a nerdy geek would pick this as a reason to find fault with a movie that has not even come out yet.

  • LizzieLemonic says:

    UGH. I wish I was a tween so I could into this garbage, and not see how LAME it is.

  • Colander says:

    Not to be 'that guy', but why is it okay for Summit to all but wave Taylor Lautner's dick in my face? He's 17. I can only imagine how they're going to handle his 'turning back', what with his shorts ripping off.

  • np says:

    Not to be 'that other guy' but are you just as outraged (and vocal about it) when Big Media exploits 17 year old girls (which happens waaaaaaaaaaaay more frequently)?

  • Colander says:

    Oh, I'm not outraged. I love it. I'm just saying, why is it okay? Like, I can't talk about it, cuz he's under age, but they can DO IT, y'know? They want me to want him, and it obviously works. (and to answer your question, I am a strong/vocal advocate of equal-objectification)

  • el smrtmnky says:

    this is what i imagine a circuit party on a reservation would look like

  • SunnydaZe says:

    I am going to google "miley cyrus nip slip" just to prove your point.

  • NP says:

    Equal objectification all the way! Why can't we talk about how hot he is? The underage issue has never stopped hetero men from openly lusting after teenage poptarts like Spears when she was younger or Miley now..

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Oh, SNAP!

  • Liam Stewart says:

    So you are complaining that something that could never take place in reality and is completely based on a fantasy novel does not look real?
    I would like to hear your constructive criticism about how this visual effects sequence can be improved, seeing as you are able to point out so many faults in your article.
    to quote the famous Australian Chopper Reid - "It's a f******g STORY!"

  • Mchael Pemulis says:

    About half way the transformation, he kind of looks like the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Maybe they should have stuck with that. Twilight as directed by Wes Anderson would be a lot more interesting and would have a slightly better sound track at least.

  • VoV says:

    Actually, in the books, Jacob is very good at transforming "at will", when it's a mistake, or in rage, they all tend to do it so quickly they're dangerous, even to each other.

  • luca says:

    well and you are supposed to believe that Paul is actually trying NOT to morph cause he doesn't want to hurt Bella. they just aren't supposed to talk about what's going on with outsiders (hey the vamps have the same rules). whereas Jacob is most definitely not resisting cause only another wolf can keep Paul from doing something stupid (if you've read the books you know about the pack)

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