The One-Page Screenplay: Caprice Crane's Cross Road Blues


Caprice Crane writes lupine one-liners for Heather Locklear on the CW's Melrose Place, but she's also a bestselling author and daughter of Gilligan's Island's immortal Tina Louise. After graduating from NYU in the '90s and penning a bunch of "comedy, dramedy, news, reviews, biography, rock-star hagiography, promotions, and devotions" for MTV (including the legendary bad video countdown 25 Lame, featuring an incensed Vanilla Ice), Crane began work on the revamped 90210 and her books Stupid & Contagious and Forget About It.

Now, on the heels of her brand new book Family Affair comes Cross Road Blues, a one-page screenplay aimed squarely at the suburbanite who dreams of an easy, murder-tinged path to retirement.

The Official Bio:

Born in Hollywood, California, under the dual signs of Scorpio and "Construction Ahead - Expect Delays," Caprice shares a birthday with everyone's favorite mouthless feline, Hello Kitty. Her mother, renowned film, television and stage actress Tina Louise, is perhaps best known as Ginger Grant from the enduring sitcom "Gilligan's Island." The beloved TV icon tells anyone who comes close enough that Caprice is her life's greatest achievement. Her father is former talk show host and Grammy winner Les Crane. While still a child, Caprice once gave away a cherished family television set to a friend who had won an imaginary contest. She later attended New York University, studying film and television, incorrectly assuming that it would enable her to build her own TV set from scratch and recapture a part of that idyllic childhood.

Her new novel, Family Affair, just hit stores. In 2008, Caprice jumped back to the left coast to write the hit TV show 90210 and is currently hard at work writing for the new Melrose Place which will debut this fall (Tuesdays at 9 pm) on the awesomest of networks: The CW. Additionally, she is hard at work on her 4th book for Bantam, due out in early 2011 and writing and developing several feature films.


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