Jamie Foxx Confirms Nude Photo, Maybe Sexually Harasses His Makeup Artist?


Perhaps you're familiar with a nude, full frontal photo of Jamie Foxx that made its way around the internet a while back? In today's Guys with iPhones, Billy-Bush-disappointing culture of licentiousness, an Oscar winner's bare wang captured in a grainy digital picture may not merit a lifted eyebrow, but Foxx's excuse for taking the picture might. He attempted to explain himself last night on The Tonight Show:

What happened was, is that we were doing Miami Vice and I had to do a nude scene in Miami Vice. So my make-up artist wanted to see the before-and-after, meaning, like, my body wasn't in shape and then we got it to that point, we wanna...but in transferring that material, I guess these people hang out on your internet whatever, and they grabbed the picture and put it out there. So I apologize to my family.

That's how these things work, people. A movie star innocently wants to send his coworker a picture of his semi-hard penis, and some internet gremlin whatever yanks it out of the email soundwaves. I buy this much more than I did the plot of Law Abiding Citizen.

Here's the video of Foxx's statement:


  • Daft Clown says:

    I already know he's a dickhead, I didn't need to see it as well.

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