Six Milestone Moments of the Jim and Pam Office Boremance


It is never a good thing when one of the most anticipated fictional weddings of our time is also the most boring. Tonight, after six seasons of Jim and Pam's humdrum courtship, Dunder Mifflin's golden boy and golden girl make it official during The Office's hour-long matrimonial event. As Jim and Pam (a.k.a Jam) fans spent the engagement perusing the couple's fictional wedding website (complete with fake registry), wallpapering their bedrooms in Entertainment Weekly photo spreads and posting messages on Facebook's Jim and Pam group page ("I will cry at the wedding." "I live vicariously through jim and pam."), Movieline assembled a photo chronology of the couple's boremance.


Jim And Pam Subtly Flirt When Pam's Undeserving Fiancé Is Not Around (Season 1)

Remember back in the first season when Jim and Pam had to minimize their already below-the-radar teasing because Pam was unhappily engaged to Roy in the warehouse. And there were no stakes since Pam was obviously going to break it off with Roy because she was jealous whenever Jim unenthusiastically dated that purse saleswoman played by Amy Adams.


Jim And Pam Bond Over Everyone's Favorite Movies (Season 2)

Pam proves her universal likeability by stating her Top 5 Desert Island Movies: Fargo, Edward Scissorhands, Dazed and Confused, The Breakfast Club, and The Princess Bride. Twenty to thirty year old men and women feel emboldened about finding their own tousle-haired, small town PA love connection because they also love The Breakfast Club.

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  • snarkordie says:

    "quoting the words of one anti-Jammer from Australia..."
    Oh please. Obviously, this guy's racist.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Oh, you're just bitter. Why do these guys have to be "exciting?" Let them have their simple love. I liked the gas station proposal! It doesn't always have to be--
    Oh wait, I remember now. They're not real.

  • michael strangeways says:

    i loves me some good well-deserved snark but don't be bad mouthin' jim and pam...they're the only thing that keeps that show grounded and prevents it from crashing and burning when the writers and the actors of the wackier characters go off the rails...(except for Meredith...she hits it out of the park every single time).
    also, they are adorable.

  • Pam Beesly says:

    Back off, Julie.

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