Godfather Vodka Opens Door to Oscar-Winning Branded Booze


Forget soliciting film columnists and Oscar bloggers for their cutting-edge awareness of the latest awards-season hopefuls. The future is in liquor -- movie-branded liquor in particular, led today by news of Godfather Vodka, distilled in Italy for a flavor you can't refuse™. (Actually, I think I just made that up; ping me for licensing arrangements, Paramount.) Never mind that an Italian vodka sounds about as intuitive as Dr. Zhivago Chianti: Studios are pinched and willing to leverage their brands however they can. And really, why not curate a section of your local bottle shop the way your video store gathers Oscar-winning fare in one convenient location?

Ignore what the spirits-industry skeptics told the trades on Tuesday ("The Godfather Vodka sounds a little bit like its hokey. The brand would need more going for it than merely the linkage and the borrowed credentials of the motion picture"). Hollywood needs this affirmation, and Oscar culture could use the jolt. And anyway, doesn't Gandhi Schnapps sound delicious? Or Kramer vs. Kramer Divorcerita Mix? "Hey, who's someone gotta blow to get a Driving Miss Daisyschlager around here?" The possibilities are endless. By all means, create your own below.

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