Gabrielle Union Confesses her Character's Vision on FlashForward


FlashForward may have plateaued suspense-wise during its second episode, but the show will likely accelerate again following Gabrielle Union's arrival on the series as Demetri's (John Cho) fiance Zoey. Union spoke with Movieline about working with Cho and the plight of her character, who's "flashforward" of April 29, 2010 seems to conflict with what we think we understand about Demetri.

The 36-year-old star of Bring It On and Love & Basketball confessed that Zoey's psychic vision of April 29, 2010 has Demetri in it, which means that he might be misinterpreting his ominous-seeming "flashforward."

"I have a 'flashforward' that's a little different than his, as he doesn't have one, and I'm insisting that he was in mine," Union explained. "But I believe that we are getting married. I think that's what I see."

She quickly added, "The [producers] are Fort Knox-y. If you say something, they'll track you down!"

She adds that Zoey is a particularly exciting character to play because she's "a really smart character who is not in-your-face or a know-it-all." Amid all the speculative science spouted by FlashForward's characters thus far, Zoey's career as an defense attorney may add street-smarts and levity to the show.

"I'd like to think she's a little more realistic than the over-the-top, sort of fictionalized -- how fictionalized characters are drawn. Like, she can't have it all! She can't be smart, and have a dude, and have good credit, or you know, whatever. She's actually pretty balanced, normal, and highly functioning, which is rare for me to play, as she's not completely neurotic."

As for her TV husband, she says finally meeting Cho in person -- after knowing him from the cheetah rides of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle -- proved refreshing.

"I pretty much knew him from American Pie and Harold & Kumar," she said. "He's so smart, so funny, so in love with his wife and baby. It's actually really endearing. People usually come to work and they complain, and he comes to work and just gushes. It's a nice little surprise."

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