Virtual Newsstand:, September 2009

September 2009


To Each His Owen
The dashing star of The Boys Are Back ruminates on loss, parenting, and doing the Spike thing.

A French Girl
How do you embody an icon of style like Coco Chanel? For Audrey Tautou, the devil's in the details.

Despite finding himself more and more in demand, Zombieland's Jesse Eisenberg just can't seem to relax.

Juliette is the Sun
Hollywood wild card and Whip It bad-girl Juliette Lewis has her rock and roll cake and eats it, too -- and wouldn't have it any other way.

Anchored Man
Flexible screen funnyman David Koechner could get used to the sitcom lifestyle.

Freeze Frame
As Dominic Monaghan closes another epic fantasy chapter and opens another one, he takes stock of just how far he's come from the Shire.

Funny Girl

Fizzy, funny blonde Ari Graynor is stealing scenes and hearts left and right. A few minutes with her was all we needed to see why.

Soul of a Poet
Bright Star's Ben Whishaw will have you swooning as the love of Abby Cornish's life -- but the chemistry didn't come so easy. A peek inside Jane Campion's lush romance.

Grande Dame
The ravishing Juliette Binoche on Paris -- the movie, the city, her home.

Hearing Voices
That's SNL's Bill Hader you're hearing in Cloudly with a Chance of Meatballs. The talented actor, comedian and mimic offers some great advice for anyone looking to break into the biz.

The House of Ratner
Director Brett Ratner talks to us about his latest project -- releasing his personal archives of early films, including Mickey Rourke's sayonara à Hollywood.

Miss Hendricks Will See You Now
We caught up with the Mad Men secretary who makes modern men weak at the knees.

Long Roads
The Road director John Hillcoat on his struggles at getting his Cormack McCarthy adaptation from page to screen.

Goodbye, Scarecrow
Sublime screen villain Cillian Murphy lightens up with Perrier's Bounty.

The Informee
As The Informant! too-trusting FBI agent, Scott Bakula is our way into Steven Soderbergh's Bizarro Erin Brockovich.

Jennifer's Maker
Karyn Kusama on the horrors and pleasures on post-modern horror filmmaking.

Topher Broke
Where's Topher Grace been since Spider-Man 3? Good question. We think we have your answer.

Hot Nerd
The Big Bang Theory's breakout geek Jim Parsons on life on the set, and learning those mouthfuls of lines.


It was a bearish market at TIFF this year, but that didn't stop us from seeing some of the best (and worst) of new cinema the world has to offer.

9 First Impressions of the Instant Classic Antichrist

Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany Get TIFF Underway With Creation

Zombie John Lennon and Yoko Ono Terrorize Toronto!

Michael Caine Gets Cheeky, Vengeful at Harry Brown Premiere

Joel and Ethan Coen on How Serious Man Is Good For the Jews (and Themselves)

The Disappearance of Alice Creed's Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston: The Movieline Interview

Chloe's Julianne Moore And Atom Egoyan on Skipping Premieres and Building Character

The Recession is in Fashion in TIFF Doc Schmatta

My Favorite Scene: Natalie Portman at TIFF Edition!

Videocracy: For the Reality TV Junkies Who Think They've Seen Everything


Da Bomb
Is It Time to Decriminalize Onscreen F-Bombs?

Gone in Sixty Seconds
9 of the Fastest Cancellations in Television History

Dead and Buried
Which Big Stars Had Films That Were Secretly Dumped This Year?

Pardon the Interruption...
Kanye West's Televised Meltdowns: A Video Compilation

Rock 'n' Roll High School
5 Ways to Make the Proposed Ramones Biopic Work

Who Is Killing The African-American Sitcom?

The Fugitive
Why You Should Care About the Roman Polanski Culture War

An Autopsy
So What Went Wrong with Jennifer's Body?

Where's Johnny?
Who Should Host the Oscars?

It's Time to Light the Lights
In Honor of Jim Henson's Birthday, Five Mindblowing Muppet Revelations

TV Brass
The Emmys' 9 Most Tolerable and 'Horrible' Moments

How High?
Why Can't Movies Seem to Get Recreational Drug Use Right?

Dave and Madge
Madonna and Letterman: A F*cking 20-Year Chronology

What Is 'Wrong?'
6 of the Biggest Celebrity Jeopardy Losers Ever


In Theaters

The Invention of Lying

A Serious Man

Whip It

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Bright Star

Capitalism: A Love Story

The Informant

At TIFF: A Single Man

At TIFF: Dogtooth

At TIFF: The Road

At TIFF: Chloe

At TIFF: Up in the Air

At TIFF: The Men Who Stare at Goats

Jennifer's Body


Big Fan

Jennifer's Body

An Alan Smithee Column: By Mark Lisanti

Mad Men Power Rankings, Week Six: 'One Minute You're On Top Of The World, And The Next Some Secretary's Running You Over With A Lawnmower'

Mad Men Power Rankings, Week Seven: 'What Are You Laughing At, Cadillac?'

New 2012 Footage Offers Pleasing, L.A.-Centric Look At The End Times

I Will Not Help You Pick Out Your F*cking Headshot

Five Possible Directions for the Barbie Movie

The Cold Case

The Notorious Bettie Page
Elvis and Anabelle

Bad Movies We Love

Aeon Flux