Sesame Street Adapts Mad Men, Teaches Kids Vital Ad Development Skills


You were wetting yourselves for Desperate Houseplants, and left rolling down the aisles at the antics of 30 Rocks, but Sesame Street has outdone itself with its latest primetime parody, cleverly titled ... uh ... Mad Men. OK, fine, so that's the actual title of its Emmy Award-winning, if Elmo-unfriendly, TV inspiration. But in this universe, Don Draper isn't able to lurk inside a highball glass filled with expensive Scotch, loose stewardesses and chilled detachment.

After his "sycophant" creatives (yes, he calls them that) toss around some campaign ideas for the exclusive Happy Honeybear account -- we think Kinsey's the purple one and Harry Crane's in fuchsia -- the three men experience the kind of mood swings you'd sooner expect from your secretly pregnant secretary-turned-copywriter. One second they're on top on the world, the next they're reduced to blubbering self-doubters, wondering out loud how the client could have dismissed their fabulous Bye, Bye Birdie-inspired spots as being entirely too fruity. Bring on the British, already -- someone needs to teach these guys a lesson in suppression. [The Will Leitch Experience via Aziz is Bored]